18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 27 MARCH 2013: Reader, you may want to consider this as the last posting here for awhile, and for such reasons I will now explain:
  1. The Easter weekend break, for starters.
  2. Another physiotherapy session tomorrow afterlunch vis-a-vis the tension in my right shoulder after the slip-and-fall last Saturday morning. But at least, thanks to blue mineral pain rub for one, the pain is easing up.
Hopefully, barring some other set of Unfortunate Events as may break suddenly or otherwise without warning, I should return to this accustomed space in Teh Innerwebz sometime next week. So cry not for me in the interim should you not notice any fresh postings.

First off, a Mondegreen Alert: Methinks "Let's Dance" by Chris Montez, as per the adverts for Designer Shoe Warehouse on cable TV, sounds a little bit like "Lay Down."

When it comes to Walmart's potentially serious crash-and-burn for want of decent workers who can stock shore shelves (and many such deserting in protest of the poor pay and working conditions driving many such insane, not to mention dependent upon relief), Your Correspondent has to wonder how much longer it can get before Walmart is compelled to go into Unholy Alliances with the workfare schemes of the several states (especially such where conservative and "Tea Party" articles of faith prevail) to resort to the old "press gang" tactics that the British used between the 17th and early 19th centuries to fill naval recruitment quotas through trick, deception and fear (and, more often than not, targeting known petty criminals, vagrants and suchlike unable to prove means of support or find work. Especially when such engaging in the actual act of impressment (as the procedure was formally known) were themselves petty troublemakers recruited into the service (if you could call it thus) through offers of "Redemption for Value" as would (theoretically) reduce or eliminate criminal records or terms of probation.

No wonder the "Tea Party" has such a fetish for the idea of "AmeriKKKan Exceptionalism" as a Sanctii Sanctorum of AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, Ordained Solely by the Divine Will and Ordinance of Yahweh God. Essentially up there with what the Instituut vir Christelik Nasionale Onderwys (ICNO; "Institute for Christian National Education") down South African way was pushing for in the Geography curriculum of the greater Christelik Nasionale Onderwys syllabus (as quoted thus by the late Brian Bunting in his The Rise of the South African Reich, vintage 1965; emphasis added):
Every nation is rooted in a country (Landsbodem) allotted to it by God. Geography should aim at giving the pupil a thorough knowledge of his own country and the natural objects pertaining to it, in such a way that he will love his own country, also when compared and contrasted with others, and be ready to defend it, preserve it from poverty, and improve it for posterity.
Likewise with the History curriculum therefrom (again, emphasis added):
History should be seen as the fulfilment of God's plan for humanity. The turning-point of history is Jesus Christ - history teaching must therefore include such facts as the Creation, the Fall, the Incarnation, Life and Death of Christ, the Second Coming, and the End of the World; and history must be seen as the struggle between the Kingdom of God and the Empire of Darkness. Also, God has enjoined on each nation its individual task in the fulfilment of His purpose. Young people can only undertake the national task fruitfully if they acquire a true vision of the origin of the nation and of the direction of the national heritage. Next to the mother-tongue the history of the Fatherland is the best channel for cultivating love of one's own, which is nationalism.
Not to mention embracing this as their ideal for Reclaiming Our Dear and Sacred Constitution from the Forces of Darkness as Threaten to Usurp Our Antient and Peculiar National and Sovereign Identity, howbeit one founded upon White Christian Nationalism itself tending to the manufactured, idealised and distorted, selectively-read even!!

Now honestly: Can those among the Elmer Gantryite element who blame homosexuality for small-business failures, bankruptcies, mass unemployment, high mortgage foreclosure rates, insolvencies and related acts, deeds and exploits produce any factual, documentary evidence proving a direct interconnexion to homosexuality? Of course not. IIBC, such a claim is rather absurd and fatuous, and calls to mind advertising for Instant Postum in the day as blamed caffeine (as in tea, coffee or colas) for the likes of blindness, insanity, loss of employment, divorce, automobile accidents, juvenile delinquency, mortgage foreclosures, arson, even being reduced to dependency on relief; in fact, it wasn't until 1952 that General Foods reached a Consent Decree with the Federal Trade Commission to discontinue making such unproven medical claims, usually through testimonials, to sell a grain-and-molasses-based coffee substitute (as was basically what Instant Postum was all along).

(Instant Postum, sadly, is no more; those wanting Kaffeersatz are directed instead to Pero, Inka and Cafix).

In any event, Your Correspondent now leaves you for the time being and wishes you all the best for the Easter long weekend, mindful throughout of the maxim of Yates's Wine Lodge in England's Green and Pleasant Land: "Moderation is true strength."



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