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19h UTC; FRIDAY, 14 FEBRUARY 2014:
As the 2014 Girl Scout cookie campaign gets underway all the more across our (presumably) "morally-superior by the Will and Endowment of God" United States of AmeriKKKa, Your Correspondent feels it's best to give certain Elmer Gantryite groups calling for boycott thereof "For My God and My Country" the Middle-Finger Salute (as it were) and just support the Girl Scouts all the more in this peculiar manner.

Especially when practically all the canards they've been pushing to call for a boycott thereof--as in presumed support by the Girl Scouting movement of abortion rights, contraception, family planning, GLBTQ rights and (just in the last day or so) prostitution--don't seem to make much sense, what with those in the younger ranks of Girl Scouting (Daisies, Bluebirds and Brownies for the most part) not advanced enough mentally to understand what such concepts mean without trying to look awkward about it asking their parental units as to the tone and tenor thereof. And what's more, Girl Scout troops from Mt. Katahdin to Mauna Loa count on revenue from the annual cookie sales for a large part of their income through the year, including purchases of equipment and supplies and camping trips.

With but few exceptions out there (here in Winona, MN among them), competition for cable TV service in communities across the country is practically non-existant (unless you consider fiber-optic television service through wireline telephony, online streaming TV and satellite TV to be competition, which essentially makes such an argument an "apples-to-oranges" comparison where "apples-to-apples" is the norm). I mention this because of the designs by Comcast Systems (owned in part by NBC Universal) seeking a Gretna Green wedding (and for $48 billion as dowry) with Time Warner Cable, which had already been approached by Charter Communications about a merger.

The which Real America needs to challenge because the supposed "healthy competition" for cable-TV and broadband Innerwebz via CATV lines across most of the country is non-existant, largely because of protected municipal franchises for the service in the vein of those for electricity, natural gas, water and wireline telephonic services (the latter a legacy of the Bell System's Luscious Glory of quasi-monopoly power) as certain conservative Zealots and True Believers in the (so they see it) natural primacy of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe insist is outdated and at once anti-competitive, thereby driving prices all the higher for especially the Lower Classes and the "habitually government-dependent***needing healthy respect for the free market and freedom of choice essential to Our National Character and Identity," or so their prolefeed would put it. That, and want of technologies (at least such known to Your Correspondent) as would allow existing legacy cable/CATV system operators to sell off surplus capacity and share their transmission networks with willing competitors willing to offer the whole shooting match: TV, FM stereo, broadband Innerwebz, even telephonic services (both conventional and VoIP models).

Such, in any event, may want to be worth investigating to see if such can be done cost-efficiently within existing infrastructure parameters. AND whether such can actually translate into competition and lower prices for cable service users. Or what otherwise stands in way, "undermining the natural right of dominance" by established cable-system operators claiming a Divine Right to Natural Monopoly Power?

In the wake of the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie having revealed where the title character's parents were actually lesbians, Christian Right Zealotry and True Belief has been rather strident in its Luscious Glory of Christian homophobia, calling out the Disney organisation (and calling for boycotts thereof "For My God and My Country") for condoning "sexually-deviant and -perverted behaviours as are a slap in the face of REAL AmeriKKKa and its Deeply- and Dearly-Cherished Values and Traditions" (as they seem to enjoy phrasing it in their prolefeed); in at least one instance, "Demonic Possession" has been suggested as explaining such acceptance of homosexuality by Disney.

As well, Good Luck Charlie's star, Mia Talerico (five), has received e-mailed death threats since the outing episode went to air from so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans," insisting that she Poses a Clear and Present Danger to Our Dear and Lovely Land by having lesbian parents.

Come to think of it: How do we know the "Demonic Possession" trope against Disney, which has been spread by disgraced former Naval Chaplain Dr. Gordon "Pray in Jesus' Name" Klingenschmitt, isn't really projection targeting Branson, MO and their "music shows," especially so such as receive rather secret financial support (almost in the league of being "angel" investors therein) from "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" groups as entitles them to let slip propaganda messages within the context of otherwise Wholesome Family Entertainment Representing the Cultural Identity and Values of "REAL AmeriKKKa"? (Said shows being thus bankrolled in camera highly unlikely to have the power and attention among Branson devotees as the established such of Baldnobbers, Presley's Mountain Music, Shoji Tabuchi, Moe Bandy, Mel Tillis, Jim Stafford and Silver Dollar City.)

In fact, such a prospect as above summarised may want to be worth looking into, the better to see if right-wing groups may be subliminally using the context of Branson's "music shows" to advance their message, all the more taking pains to avoid arousing suspicions of such being a propaganda conduit.

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