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18h UTC; FRIDAY, 16 AUGUST 2013: No doubt about it: This year's Missouri State Fair, as closes this Sunday for another year, has already been a rather star-crossed affair thanks to last Saturday evening's rodeo becoming a rather crude exercise in prolefeed exploiting the latent racism and jingoism in an audience of mostly poor, ignorant and easily-manipulate specimens of what certain conservative prolefeeders insist are the "REAL AmeriKKKans"--otherwise known as "poor whites."

The same kind of "poor whites" attracted, for all we know, to the so-called "music shows" down Branson way as are probably subtle conduits for conservative prolefeed thanks to equally-subtle "angel" financing by conservative groups and sects seeking cheap and cheerful ways to advance their message in fresh and innovative manner (and will take great pains to avoid the facts being let slip).

And despite all manner of Appy Polly Loggies and political objections to the stunt in question having racist overtones of the highest order (enough to prompt Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to laud highly-undeserving paeans on the guilty party when he deserves only contempt and loathing), not to mention calls for boycotts thereof in its wake, Your Correspondent has to wonder if, when final attendance and revenue numbers are issued (perhaps early next week, know), such a sick and uncalled-for stunt may have actually hurt or helped the Missouri State Fair, itself hosted by Sedalia only since its present incarnation debuted in 1901, beyond the ensuing free publicity generated by said Unfortunate Events.

And given that the Missouri State Fair happens to receive public monies, variously estimated at between $400,000 and $1.2 million/annum, just to meet expenses and State Fairgrounds upkeep (as well as cover its operations), you have to wonder whether the Show-Me State's "Tea Party" element will start calling for severe reductions in the public subsidy as penalty therefor, essentially forcing the Missouri State Fair to be self-financing (as has long been the practice with the Minnesota State Fair and the Eastern States Exposition, alias The Big E) among State of Missouri agencies, institutions and schemes (i.e., its funding expected to come from admission, Grandstand, carnival and concession revenues, as well as use of State Fairgrounds facilities for non-Fair events throughout the year).

Alternately, there could be the possibility for the State of Missouri still holding title to the State Fairgrounds, but with the Missouri State Fair per se being divorced from the powers-that-be in Jefferson City and becoming a separate, distinct, non-profit entity of Sedalia in its own right, with a greater say in its own operations and in control of its own finances (as is now the case with the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, which was hived off from Exhibition Place, itself a Government of Ontario agency, on April 1st this year).

Or--and tell me this isn't being given due and serious consideration--pushing for the "complete and final" discontinuance of the Missouri State Fair under State sanction and endorsement (as was the case with the Michigan State Fair, itself discontinued in 2008 thanks to cuts in public funding therefor aggravated by years of declining attendance and interest), and selling off the Missouri State Fairgrounds outright, the proceeds therefrom expected to meet final expenses ensuing from its winding-up--and even then, there could still be losses which Missouri taxpayers will have to deal with.

And then again, you also have the status quo being maintained.

Which, in any event, ought be something the State of Missouri ought consider vis-a-vis the future of what's long been something of a laughingstock among state fairs as opposed to, say, the tradition-rich Iowa State Fair to her north or even the highly-successful and expertly-managed Minnesota State Fair. And for which due regard needs to be given towards cost-efficiency as will benefit the Good Taxpayers of Missouri in the long run. Especially if the desire is to avoid miscues as could cause a downgrade in its credit rating with Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings.


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