19h36 UTC; MONDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2014: So much for the scaremongering propaganda being spread in certain weird, unwholesome and misguided circles attracting especially the Moronic Underworld which hath it that the ongoing decline in crude-oil and gasoline prices risks posing Clear and Present Economic Harm and Danger, not to mention the loss of Innocent American Lives within due and measurable distance:
  • Where are the business and factory closings?
  • Where are the wholesale layoffs?
  • Where are the sudden and inexplicable increases in unemployment and welfare benefit applications, as witness extended lines outside employment service offices and welfare agencies?
  • Where are the bank failures, deposit runs even?
  • Where's the sudden call-ins of outstanding consumer and business loans and credit lines by banks and finance companies?
  • Where's the panic buying in gold and/or silver coin and buillon, not to mention stockpiling of foodstuffs?
  • Where's the panic selling of equities to the point of stock markets being forced to suspend trading early?
  • Where are the scam "work-from-home" and "work online" schemes flooding inboxes of especially lower-income and economically-challenged persons (including "Five Reports," "Mailing-List Generator" and "Elite Cashflow Gifting" chain letters trying to evade Postal Inspection Service radar)?
  • Where's the willful and conscious dumping of obnoxiously explicit "elegant pornoo" (especially such as involves bestiality and pre-pubescent children) into culturally-deprived communities?
  • Where's the sudden and shocking increases in crime and depravity, not to mention the prolefeed glamourising its perpetrators and their acts, deeds and exploits in almost hagiographic terms?
  • Where's the sudden spike in tavern and liquor-store business, especially in lower-income and economically-challenged areas where such are all the more likely to prevail?
  • Where's the overzealous sexual promiscuity, especially such in or close to their flowering?
  • Where's the blatant and overzealous mailings of such volumes as the Protocols of Zion, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged into lower-income and culturally-challenged communities under the banner of "winning over hearts and minds"?
  • Where are the marches by the Communists under the red hammer-and-sickle banner, lustily singing the old Internationale ... by neo-Nazis behind the swastika, singing the Horst Wessel ... or even apologists for apartheid South Africa behind the apartheid-era tricolour and/or the Vierkleur singing "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika"?
  • Where are the Branson "music shows" with Grand Guignol-stylee routines reeking of anti-Semitic propaganda out of Nazi Germany, especially where the aim is one of "winning over hearts and minds" to a Christian Nationalist agenda?
  • Where are the quasi-populist late-night radio prolefeeders by way of high-powered AM stations from just inside the Mexican border from the United States or even from radio ships anchored (theoretically) in extraterritorial waters (cf. the European "pirate ship" radio stations of the mid-1960's), replete with the crudest in hatemongering, tub-thumping jingoism and (pseudo)religious depravity rooted in a crude and perverted brand of Holy Scripture?
  • Where are the mass funerals, the indignation marches, the accompanying protests by Westboro Baptist's hard-wired hatemongering minions (and counterprotests) of innocent martyrs?
  • Where exactly is the Mark of the Beast?
In effect: Where exactly IS your "socioeconomic collapse" because of cheap oil and gasoline?

And how do we know it isn't really Al Cohol, Mary Jane Weaver, Auntie Em or even Old Dr. Snow talking for you? Or, for that matter, trying to get attention to cover for your own failings, inadequacies and weaknesses as may relate to past upbringing reeking of the abusive?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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