18h UTC; TUESDAY, 4 JUNE 2013: So much for that patsy that Glenn Beck, his audience in sheer decline (and then some), is now pushing about his Good and Loyal Radio Listener Drookies being "civil rights leaders who will save our Nation"--which, to Your Correspondent, makes sense only if the more hard-wired supporters of South Africa's apartheid regime in the day (in particular the Afrikaner Volk who were expected to benefit all the more thereby) saw themselves as "civil rights leaders" for the Afrikaner.

Who, after all, sought apartheid as payback for all manner of British redress and atrocities inflicted upon the Afrikaner such as were seen to reduce the Afrikaner to second-class status, never mind their being one with the White Man's Burden of white, European, Bible-Believing Christendom sent thus by the Divine Will and Edict of Yahweh God (or so the stock Afrikaner mythos went, especially during apartheid's excesses) that the British "occupiers" and their "agents" (epitomised more often than not in the Afrikaner press in form of a filthy, obese, English-speaking Jew known as "Hoggenheimer") saw as Freaks and Travesties of Nature in a state of Limbo ethnologically vis-a-vis "painting the map red" ... and who saw themselves as God's Chosen People Upon Africa, reduced to such "unfortunate straits" by British Occupation of what would eventually become the Union of South Africa, whose Luscious Glory of a sovereign White Afrikaner Republic, Civitas Dei on Earth (founded upon Calvinist/Dutch Reformed theologies condoning racism), would finally be achieved with the proclamation of the Republic of South Africa in 1961 after generations of their ideal being trampled upon (as witness the Afrikaans ballad of lament "Vaarwuel aan die Vierkleur," as in the Transvaaler Republic's flag oft deployed as a symbol of Unreconstructed Afrikaner arrogance in the Rainbow Nation).

But then again, the root meaning of the very word apartheid, which is the Afrikaans for "separateness," calls to mind a desire for the Afrikaner Volk to be left to themselves in their own Landsbodem, their Nasionale Huis, with their own churches, schools, institutions, faith, mythos, values, cultural and folk traditions, identity and language, all the while insisting that God's Will entitles them to such aesthetic exclusion and isolation. Which sounds just like "Tea Party/9-12/Christian Patriot" thought and articles of faith, come to think of it--but don't want to acknowledge as much tacitly lest such comments "be taken out of context."

So why aren't we hearing the Elmer Gantryite prolefeeders whining and bawling about FEMA's rejecting an application for Hurricane Sandy-related relief and aid from New Jersey's Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association for to rebuild their oceanfront boardwalk, contending that said boardwalk was "for purely recreational purposes" as opposed to commercial such (such as is the case in many Jersey Shore resort communities), as opposed to Internal Revenue Service overzealotry over tax-exemption applications from "Tea Party"-type sects?

Has anybody considered where God sent the ongoing Oklahoma tornadoes as have, to date, killed at least 46 and caused substantial property damage (especially in the Oklahoma City suburbs of Moore and El Reno) as His Divine Judgment upon The Sooner State for tacitly falling for Elmer Gantryite prolefeed tropes of the crudest and most absurd sort?

Or, for that matter, the possibility that such pushing the trope about the "Demonic Possession" of the Boy Scouts of America to the extent of its recently allowing the overtly epicene to join Scouting programmes with effect from 1 January may actually be Demonically Possessed themselves, with Al Cohol aiding and abetting? (As a matter of fact, it was not uncommon before Prohibition for especially Baptist and Presbyterian ministers, under pressure to come up with sermons at the last minute, to go into prolonged drinking jags which reduced their sermons to drunken tirades as left many worshippers nervous and trembling in fear; in a related vein, "religion" or "religious excess" was a common factor in admissions to insane asylums back in the day, as many an old volume of admission records or newspapers will confirm. And more often than not, such commitments tended to come from such rural and small-town areas such as Fox News wants us to see as "REAL AmeriKKKa," where religious zealotry was more often blatantly pronounced.)

And we can do without Branson tourism promoters working hand-in-glove with the more blatant True Believers in a so-called "White Culture" being the true Amerikanischer Leikultur (as it were), and promoting the concept therefor as a Sanctii Sanctorum of AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity. Especially where reinforced by stock anti-Semitic canards about the "unhealthy and disproportionate Jewish dominance and influence" over film, radio and television in the United States "to the detriment and harm of the 'REAL AmeriKKKan' and His Rightful Place of Honour and Pride," as the stock canard here has it--usually lacking credible evidence or documentation. (Not that such is actually occuring at the moment, but then again, such may be likely....)



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