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19h02 UTC; TUESDAY, 3 JUNE 2014: Since the recent Unfortunate Events at the University of California/Santa Barbara campus whence film producer's son Elliot Rodgers shot seven people to martyrdom before turning martyr himself, much has been spoken by certain (howbeit misguided) prolefeeder types and elements on the conservative end to suggest that said Unfortunate Events were "evidence" of a presumed War on Masculinity such as they see to be a Clear and Present Threat to Thy Dear and Lovely Land, its National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations, and even the very concept of ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl as is essential (or so this line of thought holdeth) to the interconnexion of the first two concepts.

Which, to Your Correspondent's way of thinking, is laughable and illogical to the core. Especially considering where it's been suggested that the so-called "Men's Rights Movement" may be manifesting itself in the worst possible way; witness what the Hatewatch blog of the Southern Poverty Law Centre has to say about Rogers' motives, as laid bare in social media and online video posts that are best described as sickening and disturbing in the worst possible way.

Meanwhile, I have to wonder if these same "War on Masculinity" prolefeeders must have as a Hidden Agenda articles of faith which seek to further maintain such overzealous, testosterone-driven masculinity by excusing such as one with National and Cultural Heritage, Identity and Folkways--in particular through the likes of condoning prostitution and brothels, fitting in nicely as it does to the desire for "jobs creation" and "economic development" in communities deemed "chronically and habitually dependent upon government" and with significant and measurable populations thereof deemed "government dependent" in the extreem.

Likewise with "open city" policies which excuse unrestrained adult businesses in supposedly "economically depressed" (a/k/a "industrial," as in low-income and having limited job- and career-development prospects) communities--not just brothels hiding behind false fronts, but also adult bookstores and other forms of "adult entertainment" operating openly and brazenly, making no pretense of gilding the lily throughout. Especially where blackmail or coercive measures can be deployed to scare young girls from "government-dependent" families otherwise lacking any "healthy respect for the Dignity of Labour" into Mrs. Warren's Profession.

(For years, in fact, Second Street in Winona, MN, where Your Correspondent is based, was rather infamous for its rather brazen "hotels" serving more often than not as fronts for prostitution in the general vicinity of the now-demolished Chicago and North Western depot. Which was so awful, in fact, that female students attending what was then styled the Winona State Teachers' College were repeatedly warned to avoid the area at all costs. Such was shut down by police in 1943 by request of the War Department after it emerged that Japanese-American troops stationed at Camp [now Fort] McCoy and Camp Williams [now Volk Field ANG Base]
on weekend passes patronised said brothels, with attendant paranoia about Miscegenation ensuing.)

No wonder that conservative prolefeed depends so heavily on sugar-coating the truth about their agenda and related articles of faith--especially absent compelling evidence. And the following is dedicated to such specimens of "patriotic" sexism, chauvinism and misogyny as are the targets of today's missive:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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