18h UTC; THURSDAY, 15 AUGUST 2013: Given the lateness of Tuesday's posting to this rather snarky and at once esoteric blog, Your Correspondent would like to apologise at this time for not posting content yesterday, as if compensating for the foregoing. In any case, he craves your lowly indulgence and regrets inconvenience suffered in the bargain.

Meanwhile, with certain Elmer Gantry types pushing the trope du jour (as it were) insisting that the Good Christian cannot support in good conscience the "false doctrine" and "evil cult" of an interconnexion between global warming and climate change as an article of faith (as if hoping to hasten His Second Coming in the process), Your Correspondent has to wonder if such also requires said Good Christians to consider the very concept of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and its disciplines as, in and of itself, "Christian."

Which could go to even more absurd extremes with campaigns urging the Good Christian to "Buy Christian" in the name of said ekonomesie vryheid, &c.--as in supporting "Christian" businesses exclusively (i.e., such as can be shown to "operate according to Christian principles" or are otherwise listed in a "Christian Yellow Pages" directory likely to be distributed through "Bible-Believing" megachurches targeting mostly the "poor whites" as are too easily attracted to such warped theological belief), never mind the prospect (well-documented, know) of many of these same "Christian businesses" themselves engaging in dishonest or fraudulent business practices attracting the attention of the Better Business Bureau (including doing poor-quality work, failing to quote proper estimates, unnecessarily inflated prices, misleading advertising, &c.).

And you can just imagine the worst of conservative prolefeeders being all over defence remarks in the sentencing phase of the court-martial against Army PFC Bradley Manning for Espionage and Sharing Classified Material Giving Aid and Comfort to Our Sworn Enemies suggesting that the defendent may have had some personal issues as drove him to such acts, deeds and exploits in question ... among them a dysfunctional upbringing among alcoholic parents, fetal alcohol syndrome, Asperger's and Gender Identity Disorder (as witness a photo of PFC Manning wearing drag while on the Iraqi Front, part of a report he sent to Army psychologists under the heading "My Problem," which said prolefeeders will--howbeit without a credible interconnexion proven--blame on soy foods, essentially rehashing their medically-discredited "Soy Is Feminising" trope from a few years back, as eventually backfired).

(Meanwhile, would the same ones as failed with "Soy Is Feminising," all the while with homophobic intent, start pushing the trope of equating meats with Real AmeriKKKan Masculinity and the Survival of White, Bible-Believing Christian AmeriKKKa--even to the extent of seeking targeted subsidies to "preempt homosexual tendencies" developing in the Lower Classes?)

Such must speak volumes for the dysfunctionality prevailing at Walmart of late: In Neenah, Wisconsin yesterday, two female Associates in the liquor department of the Walmart Supercentre there engaged in a brawl as translated into gunfire, seriously wounding one such as is now in hospital. (Fortunately, no shoppers were in that general area at the time.)

Not even Nancy Drew nor the Hardy Boys are likely to figure out what exactly is behind the late decline in sales for diet soft drinks, especially such produced by the two main stalwarts of the industry, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. And, for the most part, likely sweetened with aspertame, a sugar-ersatz as is losing favour in certain circles because of its tending to break down over prolonged storage and affect taste, product quality and flavour. (In fact, at least two popular brands of sugar-free yoghurt from Dannon, Light and Fit and Activia Light, have stopped using aspertame over recent months in favour of a blend of sucralose and acesulfame potassium.)

Coca-Cola, in fact, announced a major ad campaign involving full-page adverts in major gazettas nationwide as explains its range of diet soft drinks and how same can play their part in a healthy lifestyle; however, it's unlikely to "play in Peoria," as it were.

Fortunately, though, that Invisible Hand of the Marketplace cherished deeply and dearly among certain overzealous conservative prolefeeders does offer a couple of diet soft drink alternatives for those who have concerns about aspertame: Diet Rite Pure Zero Cola (as per Dr Pepper/7Up Group), itself sweetened with Splenda (sucralose) exclusively ... and the Zevia line of all-natural soft drinks, sweetened with stevia extract (the which may require some looking around, especially in natural foods stores such as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market and cooperatives ... or even having your local supermarket put in an order). (But then again, don't expect Pepsi Special, available only in Japan for the moment, to make it trans-Pacific; the Food and Drug Administration, even Health Canada, might have reservations galore about health claims involving its containing maltodextrin as a "fat-blocker" suitable for such on special diets.)


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