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18h UTC; MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2013: As if today being Earth Day wasn't exactly good enough, along comes master conservative prolefeeder Glenn Beck to push the canard that Saudi-Influenced Jihadism was behind last week's Unfortunate Events at the Boston Marathon, and that there's a willful and deliberate coverup by the Obama Administration of this interconnexion.

And that Beck claims to be in possession of evidence, thanks to his Impeccable Sources, to that effect.

Unfortunately, what Mr. Beck fails to recognise in pushing this patsy that it was on this day exactly 30 years ago that the West German mass-circulation weekly magazine Stern published the first excerpts of what it claimed were some 60 volumes of Reichsfuerher Adolf Hitler's personal diaries ... only it would emerge, weeks later, that the "Hitler Diaries" were actually a hoax, a forgery of the highest order by way of a rather dubious forger of Naziania on the fringes of the law (what with overt display of Nazi-era symbols, posters or regalia considered illegal, even following German Reunification in 1990).

That, and the likelihood that Meneer Beck's "Impeccable Sources" are really from the Dregs of Society, the sort police usually don't trust as credible informants--as in alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, gamblers, sex fiends and maniacs, wife-beaters and "chronic spendthrifts."

As for the otherwise Noble Belief in promoting thrift among the Lower Classes when pretty much all the major banks don't want the savings of Joe Sixpack (and yet, concurrently, probably support "Tea Party" causes as expect the Lower Classes to wean themselves off "government dependency" all the more), what would preclude developing a hybrid of the Morris Plan bank and credit union concepts as would target the aforementioned poor and ignorant with decent and at once affordable banking products and services that, in their turn, would help empower the targeted and their communities in the process? Or does "Tea Party" belief require "poor whiteism" to operate all the more on a cash basis "in the national and economic interest"?

See if you can spot the doublethink, false equivalence even,
in this specimen of possible "Tea Party"/"9-12"/Christian Right (il)logic--to wit:

Videlicet, that there exists a mutual and natural interconnexion between AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity and ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe requiring the Mutual Coexistance of the two concepts For Mutual Benefit.

That any attack, real or perceived, on one concept is automatically considered that upon the other, requiring Any Means Necessary to protect this shared and common identity. (Especially where the "right to lie" is used in the name of Corporate Interest, let alone National such.)

That the exploitation of "poor whiteism" to the extent necessary for "winning over hearts and minds" is morally justified vis-a-vis this Noble Cause.

Talk about Unhealthy and Unnatural Obsessives--as in HLN playing up an otherwise obscure local murder trial in Phoenix (that involving one Jody Arias) to the sensationalised and overdone hilt, and expecting a core audience from the Moronic Underworld otherwise not the sort to find Fox News to their liking to fall for it, as if the fate of Our Dear Lovely Nation was in the balance vis-a-vis the eventual verdict.

If ever there was another reason not to consider smorking, it's by way of Swedish researchers who hath it in a just-released study that women who took up smorking (even those who saw themselves as light smorker types) were especially vulnerable to rheumatoid arthritis later on.

If there can be such a concept as Radical Islam, such as is being suspected in the Unfortunate Events of last week, then what would preclude anyone from considering the possibility of Radical Bible-Believing Christianity, replete with calls for invoking His Name and Glory to excuse sadisto and otherwise repressive acts, deeds and exploits (especially such serving racist ends) excused as serving His Will (not unlike apartheid South Africa's excesses of racist depravity somehow fawned upon by the Elmer Gantryite camp here in the United States--especially so Sharpeville and Soweto)?

And speaking of extremist prolefeed and the prolefeeders who enable them, Your Correspondent can reveal the secret of same: None other than Auld Mustard Mouth Pipe Tobacco, as blended by the very same tobacconists to His Late Majesty King William of Orange (as in the Dutch National Anthem, "De Wilhelmus"), and with the same harshness of taste that Fibber McGee just couldn't keep lit, even with a 3-lb. can of Auld Mustard Mouth purchased of Cramer's Drug Store including a free pipe as part of a (howbeit misplaced) value-for-money offer.



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