16h14 UTC; SUNDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2014: Now pray tell me thus:

Just exactly WHERE is it written that subordinating the Self for a Greater Collective Good requires a fanatically-depraved, hard-wired even, embrace of the paleoconservative groupthink promoted by its prolefeed enablers of late?

A groupthink which requires a blind, fanatically-unswerving devotion to its agenda and articles of faith which risks crossing the line into serious insanity over time?

A groupthink whose articles of faith are encapsulated in cheap bumper-sticker slogans to be shouted in a fanatically-deranged cadence at "spontaneous" mass rallies which can be called on whim and short notice?

A groupthink which excuses a crude, fanatically-driven jingoism as would make Nazi Germany, North Korea even, pale by comparison in the depths of hyper-nationalist depravity and xenophobia expected of the masses?

A groupthink which requires dogwhistle code to conceal its real agenda--one as actually seeks to BETRAY Our National and Sovereign Identity to the same "New World Order" that these same prolefeeders are using as an ur-Bogeyman to stoke the flames of fanatical jingoism and pander to True Patriot Love at its worst?

A groupthink which holds that anyone who rejects its disciplines, principles and articles of faith is probably either "Communist" or "mentally-deranged," even to the point of driving the targeted into psychoemotional harm and torment (through disguised SLAPP lawsuits invoking mental-hygiene laws if required, and especially where prolefeed value can be maximised)?

A groupthink in which a hyper-Primitive Christianity calling to mind a hybrid of North Korean Jucheism and apartheid South Africa's warped Calvinism condoning apartheid and its depraved excesses can be called upon as a "tip of the spear", especially by claims that Thy Dear and Lovely Land is the True and Rightful Heir to the title in abeyance of "God's Own Country" formerly held by apartheid South Africa, but abandoned in haste "under pressure from Dark and Sinister Forces from without"?

A groupthink which excuses the willful, conscious and deliberate dumping of the crudest in "elegant pornoo" (as in the most explicit such feasable, particularly such involving children and animals) at less than actual cost of production upon the Lower Classes solely for diversionary purposes (with all involved expected to deny any and all involvement, preferably with The Five Words, i.e., "I have nothing to say", if and when asked in debriefings by those in positions of confidence and trust)?

A groupthink holding that ons styl ekonomesie vryheid is the Best and Only Hope for Empowering the "REAL AmeriKKKan" from Enslavement to State Welfare according to the doctrines and principles encapsulated in the Afrikaner Nationalist concept of Reddingsdaad ("rescue deed"), itself to be founded on a Völkisch ideal holding the Natural Unity and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation, not State charity, to be the best way for socioeconomic rescue and uplift (especially where the "Mission from God" angle can be deployed for emotional advantage)?

A groupthink invoking such hyper-nationalist tropes of "Pure Land" and "Holy Blood and Soil" to call for a "return to the land" rivalled only by the depravities and excesses of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge per Pol Pot?

In effect, a groupthink as may be the real collapse of Thy Dear and Lovely Land, made worse by the willful and conscious infliction of collective insanity as part of the disciplines and doctrines thereof (its leaders taking considerable pains to avoid attracting suspicions that, in its turn, could cause scandal as would unravel the whole)?


"Whose side are YOU on?"

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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