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22h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2013: Suggested Reading for the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" crowd in its collective Luscious Glory of the old tu quoque garnished with doublethink: None other than that classic of Chinese Ming Dynasty "elegant pornoo" depicting the ruin by sexual excess of a middle-class (by Ming Dynasty standards) merchant and shopkeeper who already had three wives and as many concubines, not to mention plenty of other liasons in the surrounding communities. And to make matters worse, one of his concubines insists on having sexual relations during Those Difficult Days in the Month.

Otherwise known as The Plum in the Golden Vase (also known by its Chinese title, Chin Ping Mei), complete in five volumes, as per the just-completed translation of David Tod Roy, Professor Emeritus of Chinese Literature at the University of Chicago; Your Correspondent heard about it on the CBC Radio programme As It Happens (which can be heard in some American cities through the agency of Public Radio International; you can hear the original item for yourself at the link).

Just be warned: The contents are rather frank and explicit. Which is probably warning enow for such who see themselves as the True Guardians of Traditional Morals and Decency, howbeit manufactured for the most part to serve prolefeed ends more than anything.

In Case You Missed It: hath it that a caller to Rush Limbaugh's radio programme was boasting on air about The Oxycontin Boar's "exchanging shoe boxes of cash for narcotics" back in the mid-1990's just the other day. And he managed to slip through the producer's screening processes to make these claims--which should have Real America call upon local radio stations still carrying Limbaugh's programme to cease and desist forthwith before he cries "Havoc!" and lets slip the dogs of war as is The Final Countdown for Thy Dear and Lovely Land which the "New World Order" is sure to exploit.

And to close things out:

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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