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18h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 27 MAY 2014:
Among the definitions of "chivalry" in the dictionary is "the sum of the ideal qualities of a knight, among them courtesy, generosity, valor and dexterity in arms."

I bring this up, reader, because on Sunday evening, on the return leg of a bike ride Your Correspondent usually takes when weather allows from his apartment to the Kwik Trip store near Minnesota City (as takes him along Sixth Street, "main drag," so to speak, of the Winona suburb of Goodview), Your Correspondent noticed two cell phones as wound up on the street. Videlicet:
  1. Over near Ledebuhr Meats, yours truly observed someone throwing his Apple Smartfone upon the pavement (perhaps accidentally) to the extent that the screen wound up being shattered somewhat (but nonetheless in an operable state). Notwithstanding Goodview's police station being closed on Sundays, he elected to stay around there and see if an officer on patrol would pass by to turn over the phone--which luckily ensued behind the station.
  2. In the "homestretch," so to speak, off Sixth near 38th Avenue, yours truly took note of a Samsung flipfone with AT&T markings, whose battery had separated therefrom (but luckily, was able to reinsert same so that such was in a workable state, notwithstanding where the battery cover had gone missing). Returning to his flat, he called Winona County's Law Enforcement Centre, which answers on behalf of Goodview's constabulary after hours, to report the discovery; within a few minootas, a Goodview officer came to my apartment to reclaim said phone.
In both instances, yours truly advised the officer in question (the same one, know) to locate the owners of said phones and advise them to get back to moi at the owners' earliest opportunity. Which he's hoping for in any case; on the other hand, it's possible that the owner(s) may be the sort who feel honesty is its own reward in the circumstances.

So what would you yourselves, readers, think of my chivalrous exercises as above?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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