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18h45 UTC; THURSDAY, 9 JANUARY 2014: While browsing the Shopko store near my apartment in Winona last evening, Your Correspondent couldn't help but notice among the cheap scents on offer there one with the brand name "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend"--which is enough to make you think twice about what's being implied here (and then some).

Should "cultural heritage and identity" be considered a legal defence to excuse the weakening and erosion of anti-tobacco legislation as hath made significant impact on the death rates from cigarette smorking in the 50 years previous (as in the Surgeon-General's landmark 1964 report on smorking's risk to public health, morals and decency)?

With emerging revelations about Fox News Channel majordomo Roger Ailes issuing from a new (and howbeit unauthorised) biography soon to reach your local bookstore or biblio--many of them revealing a rather depraved and perverto side inconsistent with Fox News' desire to see themselves as the Voice and Conscience of "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in the Great Silent Majority of "poor whiteism")--maybe it was time for The Real America (as opposed to its prolefeed simulation) to start, in the wake thereof:
  1. "naming-and-shaming" national and local cable affiliate advertisers on Fox News Channel and Fox Business (as in calling them out and threatening boycotts unless their advertising is pulled therefrom, after the stylee of the "Stop Rush" campaign targeting advertisers on Rush Limbaugh's nationally-syndicated radio talkback programme); and
  2. calling upon cable and broadband TV systems to pull Fox News and Fox Business from their channel lineups and replacing same with more responsible, more cosmopolitan even, TV news channels such as BBC World News, France 24, al-Jazeera America, DW-TV and NHK Global.
(Or what otherwise intervenes, fear of reprisals involving psychiatric proceedings?)

One of the great epitomes of American Cultural Identity and Heritage (not the kind that conservative prolefeeders love trotting out, as in the sort excusing "race honour" as one with "national identity," howbeit manufactured more than anything) happens to be the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, which happens over ten days in mid-August or thereabouts. (Save the Date: This year's such is 7-17 August, inclusive; next year's, 13-23 August, inclusive.)

And the Iowa State Fair is in a major uproar over plans to introduce a coupon-based system to pay for Midway rides and games and food concessions, supposedly "to reduce cash handling problems" among concessionaires (cf. systems in place at state fairs in Texas and Kansas); inevitably, Iowa State Fair purists would have nothing of the concept, especially because of the risk for "impulse buys" of coupon sheets when the initial sheet runs out (and the waste of money ensuing), and whether such is actually worth the supposed value for money to the Iowa State Fair as much as concessionaires and ride operators.

Even readers of The Des Moines Register, Iowa's most influential daily gazetta, oppose the introduction of coupons alongside the Butter Cow, the Bill Reilly Talent Show, the WHO Crystal Studios and its mascots, Fairfield and Rosetta, among other icons thereof.

Reader, of the following approaches to dealing with poverty, wage inequality
and "cultural deprivation" with an eye towards the socioeconomic empowerment of the poor, undereducated and dispossessed, which of these approaches would you prefer? (Remember to think carefully, all the while keeping an open mind and yet not giving in to emotion or pathos; leave your answer in the comments section).
  • The "Promise Zones" proposed of President Obama, which would offer special tax incentives for such companies displaying a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility by locating new businesses or industries in areas so designated AND actually creating viable jobs and/or training targeting the culturally-deprived thus resident. (Five trial balloons in this regard are expected to be launched within the year, three in major urban centres and two in rural areas of Kentucky and Oklahoma deemed "socioeconomically disadvantaged.")
  • The Reddingsdaad (Afrikaans; "rescue action") concept such as the RepubliKKKans, with "Tea Party." "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" movement endorsement would rather prefer seeing as their ideal for "helping the poor to help themselves" towards socioeconomic empowerment (as in employment, "personal responsibility," that sort of cal) based on channelling an idealised "natural unity and identity" (Volkseenheid) of "REAL AmeriKKKa" into rescuing "REAL AmeriKKKa" towards a New and Luscious Glory of Prosperity for All through the constant channelling and leverage of their "idle monies" into "productive capital" by way of a "Patriot Fund" (Reddingsdaadfonds) which would (theoretically) finance and invest in "viable" business and industrial startups, as well as acquire faltering companies and recast them in the image of a new, "people-centred" model of Christelike ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe expected to place jobs creation and training for the dispossessed "REAL AmeriKKKan" over traditional ekonomesie vryheid se emphasis on simple wealth creation for the few without due regard for the Greater Collective Good of the Masses. Itself expected to be reinforced through a "Mission from God," Blues Brothers-stylee, to "win over hearts and minds" modelled on the Reddingsdaadbond movement (1939-1957) to promote "REAL AmeriKKKan" national, cultural and socioeconomic identity.
No wonder conservatives seem to have no regard for the concept of money, or its relationship to the same socioeconomic paradigm they insist on seeing as "morally superior" to all others, relative to the AmeriKKKan National Exceptionalism they enjoy harping on and on about. Case in point: Just-released research suggests that flight cancellations and disruptions attributable to the recent "Polar Vortex" cold spell rejected by conservative prolefeeders (and insisting that such "disproves" the notion of "global warming" as is scientifically documented, supported by empirical research) may have cost the airline industry as much as $100 million in toto throughout, what with airlines having to cover for accomodations, meals and compensation (usually as vouchers good for later travel) for afflicted passengers stranded at several major airports for the duration.

Discount carrier JetBlue turns out to be perhaps the worst afflicted proportionate to major airlines, but do expect other discount carriers (e.g., Southwest, Virgin America, Spirit, AirTran) to bear the brunt of the losses. Not to mention facing the prospect of fare increases to make up for the ensuing losses lest "shareholder value" be seriously diluted.

And yet conservatives still have this True Belief in the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace--howbeit one grounded in a misreading of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, whence the concept originateth!

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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