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18h UTC; MONDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2013: To Your Correspondent, it must seem rather farcical to imagine Senator Ted Cruz (GOP/TX) being looked upon by the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" as a Hero and Role Model when he's facing the prospect of Serious Ethics Charges relative to his failing to disclose his $100,000 investment in a Jamaican-based unit trust as is probably closer to a Ponzi scheme ... in its turn prompting this online petition calling on the Senate to Exercise its Constitutional Duty in expelling Senator Cruz for such acts, deeds and exploits as would have been considered "economic crimes" in the Luscious Glory of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact/COMECON satellites in Eastern Europe and Cuba.

It must also sound rather farcical to learn about a billboard on the US 62/65 Bypass of Harrison, AR as proclaims "'Anti-Racist' is a Code Word for 'Anti-White'", a popular bumper-sticker slogan among White Christian Nationalist types attributed to "The White Mantra," a screed by a former Reagan Administration drookie by name of Bob Whitaker as calls for, in essence, quasi-apartheid articles of faith reeking of "race suicide" propaganda from about a century back.

In defence of the billboard and its message, the anonymous benefactor (as is paying the Harrison Sign Company $200/month over the course of a year) had this to say (via, ultimately via the sign company):
Often white people are called racist for opposing the President’s policies. On the other hand a non-white person was never called racist for opposing President Bush’s policies. There is a double-standard in this country regarding differences of opinion. Those differences of opinion do not make a person racist. The first amendment right to freedom of speech is for everyone. That is the point of the message.
Which has Your Correspondent, in its turn, wondering if a billboard reading "'Anti-Fascist' is a Code Word for 'Anti-American'" would have similar potential to shock and disgust, taking due regard of the obvious factors such as billboard location, traffic volumes, tone and nuance of the message, target audience, &c. Anyone who is in outdoor or even public-transit advertising will concur on this point.

For our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" audience comes word that unusually dense pollutants aggravated by the wholesale switch-on of furnaces and heating systems in Harbin for the winter season over the weekend have forced Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces into Red Alert because of unacceptably high air pollution levels. Schools, roads and even Harbin's airport have been forced to close as a result of airborne pollutant levels well in excess of internationally-recommended guidance. In its turn prompting a Changchun-based netizen under nom d'Internet of "Pen and Ink Silent" to post these tongue-in-cheek comments on China's "harmonised" social-networking site Weibo (quoted via the BBC):"My mother called... and asked how the air in Changchun was, and if I was coughing. I feel ok, I should be able to live to see my graduation."

For such who insist on "complete and final denationalisation" of "non-essential and non-strategic State assets" in the interest of "reducing the National Debt [and] increasing taxpayer value" (as if forever hoping to see Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa become self-financing from everlasting to everlasting, with reinforcement via a nil rate of taxation and Constitutional Recognition of the "natural interconnexion" vis-a-vis ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Will and Endowment), may I recommend for their perousal these two articles off Teh Innerwebz as challenge the pipe dream behind denationalisation as a Grand Delusion seeking to benefit only shareholders more so than the commonweal.

Which brings us, boys and girls, to a Rather Surprising Observation: Videlciet, that the same RepubliKKKan Party having reservations over Obamacare (t/n the Affordable Care Act) and its Individual Health Cover Mandate was originally promoting same as far back as 20 years ago. And wondering, too, if their preferred marketing avenue was one based on their Dear Lovely Invisible Hand of the Marketplace (reinforced by industry-sponsored Best Practice Codes which could unwittingly condone unethical, questionable or even illegal marketing practices taking advantage unscrupulous of the vulnerable and easily-led) rather than state-sponsored interexchanges per the Affordable Care Act, knowing all along that the Moronic Underworld is all the more incapable of making sound and wise decisions without approriate guidance relative to their needs and resources.

Especially so absent proper checks and balances to protect the interests of all stakeholders, as well as proper safeguards to protect the vulnerable from dangerous or inapproriate marketing practices such as high-pressure sales tactics reinforced by quotas, soliciting would-be clients in close proximity to welfare offices, offering gifts or other inducements to enroll in particular plans and even using "health fairs" or "neighbourhood potluck suppers" as disguised marketing vehicles. All of which were deployed in connexion with Illinois' star-crossed attempt a few years back to reinvent MediPlan (as Medicaid is called in the Land of Lincoln) based on "consumer choice" limited to four HMO-based options, ultimately revealed to be contrary to public interest.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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