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18h UTC; THURSDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2013: Who among us hasn't had a scenario such as this?

No doubt certain to have some semblance of relevance when you consider what Interesting Times that Our Dear and Lovely Nation is going through--for one, what could amount to a Mexican standoff in Washington between "Tea Party"-influenced Congressmen and President Obama vis-a-vis the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a "Obamacare") in relation to the Greater Federal Budget, and the desire of the former to tear apart the existing AmeriKKKan socioeconomic paradigm to recast such in new models of their choosing, not otherwise identified to the moment.

Which brings us to where the good people at Consumer Reports have just launched, in time for the (theoretical) launch of the health-cover interexchanges next Tuesday (Congress willing), handy-dandy online tools and mobile apps to help Real Americans decide on the most approriate health cover available to their needs and circumstances (and, for such on low incomes or otherwise unable to purchase health cover from their employer, help with applying for Medicaid or state equivalent programmes online).

Even if such states as rejected Federal funds for Medicaid expansion on "states' rights" canards persist in insisting that "the poor need to find work" which isn't out there, that 'n Volk red homself (Afrikaans; "a people rescues itself") is the best approach for saving the poor from themselves, all that cal....

You've just got to start wondering how much longer it'll be,
thanks to Federal welfare benefit cuts expected to scare the poor into finding work which just isn't extant (aside from "work-from-home" and "network marketing" scams as risk substantial loss of money), that the "chronically and helplessly dependent upon government" will be "advised" (discreetly at first, ramping up the suasion levels as required until scaremongering is resorted to) to consider emigrating elsewhere on the grounds of "sparing the good taxpayers further injury and humiliation" stateside (cf. Victorian/Edwardian Britain advising such specimens of the poor as "exhausted all available options" for relief, then largely administered through the local parish, to consider emigrating elsewhere in the Empire to save themselves from themselves--in some instances free of charge or with help towards the costs).

One likely option certain "basket cases" of "REAL AmeriKKKan," especially so the more hard-wired brand of "Good Christian" as is too race-conscious for his own good, may consider in this regard is Die Volkstaat Orania down South Africa way; though officially seeking "economic refugee" status with the South African government as far as immigration status is concerned, their real intent for joining such specimens of Unreconstructed Afrikanerdom seeking an Afrikaner Nasionalehuis within South Africa is solely out of their own warped and delusional identification with "Bible-Believing White Christians in Danger of Persecution," and a desire to "rally round" such a misplaced cause. Even if certain specimens of Unreconstructed Afrikaner Nationalism manage to raise the millions of rands necessary to help with the passage over to South Africa (including shipment of the container[s] containing all their worldly goods to the Port of Cape Town, South African customs clearance and overland transport from Cape Town to Orania), over the objections of the charity Solidarity Helping Hand (as has long associations with white-dominant labour unions in South Africa).

And it seems Walmart may want to ponder Pogo the Possum's famous observation that "we have met the enemy, and he is us" vis-a-vis its own dysfunctionalism and the culture as condones it from Bentonville on down the supply chain, translating as it does into empty shelves in some departments and overstocked such in some others, high employee turnover translating into deteriorating morale, difficulty finding good-enough workers as can be kept dumb enough to remain welfare-dependent (and at the expense of the Good Taxpayer all the more, know) and declining same-store sales numbers in some parts of the country as Real Americans realise the true socioeconomic cost of Walmart's "Save money, live better" mantra, all the while being expected to accept the "Tea Party" prolefeed that low taxes = jobs creation, when such isn't always the case.

And which Walmart's presence is disproving.

Meanwhile, the British unit of Toys "R" Us has announced that it will get rid of gender preferences when it comes to toy marketing in time for the holiday-shopping season at all its stores between Lands' End and John O'Groats. Let's hope Hamley's, the Harrods of toys, follows suit before too long.

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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