00h UTC; MONDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2012: By now, you've probably heard about that flap which has caused CIA Director Gen. David Betrayus to resign his post--and the timing couldn't be more embarrassing for conservative prolefeeders in particular wanting some way to discredit President Obama in his second term and seek payback for his reelection By Any Means Necessary.

Has anybody considered where such may have been a "plant" by certain highly-incredible prolefeed conduits whose loathing for President Obama is rooted in purely racist terms, whose ideal for Reclaiming Our Beloved Land is the same one as apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory under Hendrik Verwoerd?

Meanwhile, as debate over the Clear and Present Imminence of the "Fiscal Cliff" upon Our Dear Lovely Nation persists all the more, with the RepubliKKKans clinging to their discredited article of faith insisting that keeping taxes all the lower for the Producer classes will magically translate into sudden, spontaneous and wholehearted jobs creation out of the collective goodness of their hearts and minds, how do we know that the "real" Plan B the RepubliKKKans have for socioeconomic recovery is one from the playbook of the Afrikaner Economic Movement down South Africa way as begat apartheid, with its insistence that 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself")--howbeit through appeals to manufactured ethno-national loyalties, cohesion and "identity" expected to matter above State welfare?

(Memo to the Good Taxpayers, and especially so the Producer classes: When you make out your taxes for 2012, consider adding a check or postal order payable to the Bureau of the Public Debt towards Reduction of the Debt Held by the American Public with such permutation of Form 1040 as you use--including Form 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR and 1040X. The Internal Revenue Service will see to it that such donations are duly forwarded on.)

Has anybody imagined the likelihood of where the RepubliKKKan Party may have been an unconscious "silent partner" of sorts in Fox News Channel and Fox Business, influencing editorial content and "talking points" in exchange for a discreet ownership stake? And with the wholesale RepubliKKKan defeats in Indecision 2012 (with some $6 billion of good money wasted in the end through patriotic-sounding conduits with names like "AmeriKKKan Crossroads GPS," "Freedom Works for AmeriKKKa," "AmeriKKKans for Tax Reform" and "Patriot Prosperity"), has anybody considered the fact that even conservatives are starting to get uneasy about the continued influence and intrusion of Fox News?

(Memo to cable TV systems: Before Fox News starts its decline into freefall rivalled by any James Bond movie, consider replacing Fox News posthaste with a more responsible, cosmopolitan even, cable news channel such as BBC World News, France 24, DW-TV, al-Jazzera Engrish or NHK Global.)

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is not the sort of place as comes to mind when it comes to international smuggling, piracy and worse ... but it's now emerged that UAE customs officials have intercepted at Dubai airport a substantial cache of elephant ivory tusks estimated to have come from some 100 African elephants (exact country not identified) destined for China.

In an effort to get around calls for the Real American (unlike the simulation conservative prolefeeders package under that appellation) to boycott Walmart on the Friday after Thanksgiving (affectionately known in the game as "Black Friday") as a show of solidarity for the poor rank-and-file "associates" forced onto welfare because of Walmart's intransigence vis-a-vis decent pay and emouluments, Walmart has reportedly annouced that it would open its stores on Thanksgiving Day with early-bird "Black Friday" specials. Isn't this, in essence, a blasphemy of the whole concept of Thanksgiving Day, a call for families to come together and give thanks for what hath been bestowed in the year previous?


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