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15h52 UTC; SATURDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2011: One thing as will definitely be worth keeping the que vive on as a prolefeed tactic to preempt the reelection of President Obama in Indecision 2012 by way of third parties with connexions to the Religiopolitical Right will be the use of insincere, dubious, sensationalised even, prolefeed as claims that Good Christians are being "subjected to major persecution across Our Dear Lovely Nation," replete with supposed stories of said "persecution" "as are deliberately being kept out of the liberal-dominated media***to ensure President Obama's reelection," which is to be thus regarded as "a Clear and Present Danger to Our National and Sovereign Identity all the more."

There may be a problem with such prolefeed, which is likely these days to take such forms as chain e-mails and social-media postings of incredible nature more so than pamphlets and tracts as are likely to be thrown away "carelessly" over time: Note where I said in the paragraph previous "insincere, dubious, sensationalised even" in so describing what essentially amounts to atrocity prolefeed, emphasis and stress on "prolefeed." (As in willfully and consciously false, misleading or inaccurate news and information deliberately streamed to the Great Unwashed Masses, as per Fox News and conservative talkback radio.)

Your Correspondent is of the view that, though he's unaware of such atrocity prolefeed making the rounds of Teh Innerwebz at the moment, there is always that likelihood as Indecision 2012 draws all the nearer and the campaign goes into high carnival, Bonfire of the Vanities stylee. Especially considering the highly emotional, Mother Machree even, accounts of such "persecution" tending to the sadistic, replete with claims of "goon squad" behaviour such as rape, sodomy, tolchocking, rozzrezzing and even the use of "psychological means" such as fearmongering and paranoia.

And, as it turns out, without any independent corroboration such as is required of the likes of Amnesty International and suchlike organisations monitoring abuses and perversions of basic human rights. Or, if there is such "corroboration," such probably being manufactured to the point of insincere, reinforced with faked injuries, equally fake crying and bawling in Glenn Beck stylee back when he had his show on Fox News, overzealous appeals to the hyperemotional, even a hyper-juvenile, whiny at times, singsong at times further perverting the emotive factor.


In any event, such "accounts" of supposed "Christian Persecution!!" (imagine that done in the rather juvenile singsong of The Red Guy as per Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel a few years back) ought be approached with caution and skepticism indeed, especially where overzealously emotional language tending to the nuanced is deployed rather heavily. And instead of giving aid and comfort to the highly-secretive, anonymous even, creators of such insincere prolefeed by sending such along wholesale to your e-mail contacts "out of Christian Love and Witness for Our Dear Lovely Nation," as will likely be included at the end of such "accounts," it may be best to simply delete such ... or, better still, share them with the likes of, or so they can check and test the credibility thereof for themselves.

In the case of such appearing in traditional printed/holographic formats, consign them to the recycling bin, where such will do the most good.


Though organisers of a recall election against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are claiming success in collecting signatures on the requisite petitions to so force, there should be noted at this time the likelihood of Potentially Impeachable Offences against him, such as are the subject of a John Doe Investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, for which at least two former aides to Walker back when he was Milwaukee County Administrator have, to the moment, received immunity for cooperating in its enquiries (and for which more could follow within measurable distance).

The charges in question involve Misuse and Perversion of Powers during Walker's tenure as County Administrator and requiring county employees to do Political Work rather than officially-designated duties.

Remember, boys and girls, a John Doe Investigation is super-secretive and requires the utmost of discretion and confidence throughout to ensure that, if warranted, apropos charges can be filed later on in the courts.

But then again, what would prevent someone's unleashing Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty against Meneer Walker via Teh Innerwebz in Nazi "Big Lie" stylee, the better to further test the incredulity of Wisconsin's Great Unwashed Masses before Governor Walker resorts to his emotionally-insincere appeals to "please give me time for things to work" as could unwittingly lead to that Lonesome Rhodes/Eric Cartman Moment which Your Correspondent would just love to see in YouTube?


Did you know that Noxzema skin creme was first known as "Dr. Bunting's Sunburn Remedy"?

Or that the portraits of the Smith Brothers, as in Trade (t/n William) and Mark (t/n Andrew), were introduced to protect the public against imitators using "sound-alike" names (including several others using the "Smith Brothers" name and stylee) cashing in on the success of their cough drops soon after their introduction at a small cafe in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1847?

Or that the Baby Ruth candy bar's namesake has nothing to do with either Babe Ruth or a daughter of President Grover Cleveland as died of diptheria at a young and tender age, as widely believed?

Or that Minute Tapioca was first marketed as "Tapioca Superlative"?

Or that Maxwell House Coffee was originally created for the main dining room of the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, in its day one of the South's finest such?

Or that Yuban Coffee's name was based on the initials "A B N Y" (as in "Arbuckle Brothers, New York") found on bags of green coffee beans so shipped, with the "U" added to make it sound just right after rejecting the likes of "Naby" and "Bany" as possible names? (Another version of the name's origins hath it that such was originally created as the "Yuletide Blend" of Arbuckle's, intended only for special friends of the company--as in "YUletide Blend, Arbuckle's, Newyork.")

Or that Bull Durham smoking tobacco's trademark was inspired by an image on a souvenir china pot found in Durham, England during a visit there by James "Buck" Duke in the 1870's?

Or that Wrigley's Gum was originally marketed as an incentive for grocers to sell their baking powder?

Or that SPAM luncheon meat is a portmonteau of "spiced ham"?

Or that Betty Crocker, the traditional public face of General Mills, was first created in response to recipe enquiries included with entries in a puzzle contest as ran in The Saturday Evening Post in 1922, with correct solutions receiving a pincushion designed to look like a sack of Gold Medal Flour? (The "Crocker" part came from the name of a much-loved executive who had just retired from Washburn, Crosby & Company, millers of Gold Medal, which became General Mills in 1926 by the merger of Washburn Crosby and three other milling companies; "Betty" was chosen as sounding friendly and home-like. WCCO radio in Minneapolis-St. Paul, which went on the air in 1924 from the remnants of WLAG, took its call from "Washburn, Crosby & Company," and was known for years as "The Gold Medal Station" for its flagship product; following the creation of General Mills, WCCO would be sold to the nascent Columbia Broadcasting System. And to this day, WCCO radio remains a CBS Radio affiliate.)

Or that Coca-Cola was originally created as an attempt to produce an American variation on the Italian tonic wine Vin Mariani?


Speaking of Coca-Cola, you may want to check the cans of Coke a little more carefully, especially if you're diabetic or otherwise asked by your doctor to watch it on the sugar: Seems there's been reports of people being confused by this year's holiday packaging of Coca-Cola, which is in a special white can with its Spencerian-script trademark in red; to call attention to Coca-Cola's partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) vis-a-vis polar bear habitat in the Arctic (as in those polar bear commercials Coke had some years back, if you need a reminder).

Confused, it turns out, with the silvery-gray cans for Diet Coke (known in some countries as Coke Light), with potentially dangerous consequences ensuing for such as aren't careful enough to know the difference.

In any case, such reports have prompted Coke to return to the traditional red cans for the holiday packaging, in line with the aforementioned partnership, which will start appearing just before the holidays. (Existing stocks in the white cans will remain on sale until exhausted; in the meantime, for those of you as need to be careful about their choice of cola, remember that Diet Coke is in a silvery-gray can, with accents of lime green for Diet Coke with Lime, dark red for Diet Coke with Cherry, a creamy yellow for Diet Coke with Vanilla and gold for Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. Now you know.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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