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22h27 UTC; THURSDAY, 22 MAY 2014: Reader, make no mistake about it: There are certain specimens of hyper-conservative Zealotry and True Belief in their convoluted delusion that ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl is essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations Solely by the Grace and Favour of God that will stop at nothing to use Any Means Necessary to advance this delusion to the Moronic Underworld.

A delusion based on these key points and articles of faith:
  • That said ekonomesie vryheid is, in essence, a "tip of the spear," a weapon in service to the Greater National Unity and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation;
  • That the interconnexion of ekononesie vryheid to Our National and Sovereign Identity is essential to the Greater Commonweal of Thy Dear and Lovely Land, and its National and Sovereign Identity;
  • That Dark and Sinister Forces, both from within and without, are constantly threatening to undermine Thy Dear and Lovely Land and the natural dominance by right of ekonomesie vryheid as an agent of its identity and unity as a People and Nation;
  • That it is only by His Grace and Favour that Thy Dear and Lovely Land continues to exist as a Sovereign Peculiar in its own right, with ekonomesie vryheid being its firm foundation (cf. North Korea's Juche Idea and its articles of faith); and
  • That only ekonomesie vryheid of a "people-centred" form can best save "REAL AmeriKKKa," especially so such deemed "chronically and habitually dependent upon government," from themselves and stimulate real socioeconomic empowerment, to be best achieved on the model of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging devised by Afrikaner Nationalist movements down South Africa way in the runup to apartheid's implementation as one with saving the Afrikaner Volk from British thralldom through securing Afrikaner dominance of South African business and industry according to "Afrikaner" models. 
Preferably through film, radio, television, home video or even the so-called "music shows" of Branson these same misguided types insist on seeing as the defining cultural standard of "REAL AmeriKKKa." Never mind that such are likely to be produced on the cheap and in such haste, hoping to catch the masses unaware through an ur-Gish Gallop as turn out being rather quickly revulsed thanks to the rather awful production values made worse by the haste of production that not even the rehabilitation of "David Manning" can gild the lily of.

Especially because it turns out being crude, oversimplified and juvenile. Not to mention playing on the most latent of anti-Semitic feelings and tendencies such as invoke the Protocols of Zion as "evidence" of Jewish designs to "undermine" ekonomesie vryheid and, with it, Thy Dear and Lovely Land--in effect "betraying" our sovereignty to the "New World Order" in its Luscious Glory of Blatant Contempt and Disregard for the Identity, Sovereignty, Integrity and Heritage of Nations (not to mention invoking the Calvinist article of faith holding that "every Nation is founded upon a country [Landsbodem] allocated unto it by God").

Too, the producers of such Mickey Mouse need to remember that attempts to resort to subliminal content in their Holy Crusade for Winning Over Hearts and Minds to such a conflated delusion unlikely to have any logical credence whatsoever are illegal, especially because subliminal content is designed to deliberately mislead by pandering to the subconscious; not even a defence of "Holy Crusade" or even that of "patriotic duty" will be their salvation.

Which, in any case, needs to be watched and challenged--even if the deeper meanings of images such as the following are distorted to serve such a misguided cause which is sure to be quickly unravelled thanks to Teh Innerwebz:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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