Readers, especially such among you in the State (or is that Federal Area?) of Wisconsin, pay attention; in fact, consider this as a Potential Media Advisory of the utmost quasi-urgency:

It seems as if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, in his Luscious Glory of insisting that as a Good Christian, he's morally incapable of committing Infamous Criminal Acts, Deeds or Exploits such as are targeted under the John Doe Enquiry ongoing, may be getting ahead of himself and his proletarian-ego in insisting that said enquiry will liekly be wound up within measurable distance (perhaps as early as this week, or so he was overheard claiming), and that he would be exonerated of any and all wrongdoing. And this notwithstanding last week's PowerPoint display at Kelly Rindfleisch's sentencing hearing showing where Governor Walker, back when he was Milwaukee County Executive, was involved in perversion of official resources vis-a-vis campaign-related acts, deeds and exploits, and used Any and All Means Necessary to attempt concealment thereof.

If, indeed, it should happen that the enquiry in question does manage to wind up within measurable distance, as Governor Walker is so arrogantly claiming, expect such to be timed so that it becomes Breaking News on the Friday suppertime news bulletins across America's Dairyland (with early tasters emerging as schools let out for the weekend) ... leaving the Walker Administration with no choice but to spend the weekend in damage control mode, or reasonable facsimilie thereof, hoping to "win over hearts and minds" to Walker's defence as relies all the more on David Wynn Miller's "Syntax-Word-Key Meaning" manipulation of English such as is popular among "sovereign citizens" and suchlike among the Dregs of "REAL AmeriKKKan" Society in its Luscious Glory of grammatical and linguistic incoherence that Mr. Miller insists is based on mathematical principles.

Watch, too, for the major credit-ratings agencies (Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch Ratings) to also use the ensuing fallout to impose a Double-Secret Credit Watch and Ward on the State of Wisconsin and its several sovereign entities, eventually translating into a Major Downgrade in Wisconsin's sovereign debt rating unto a state of Limbo between Junk and Default.

As for the byproducts thereof including a Constitutional Crisis which risks crossing the line into a State of Civil Emergency scenario--We. Shall. See.


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