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16h47 UTC; TUESDAY, 5 JUNE 2012: So this is what it all boils down to across the Mississippi River from where Your Correspondent is based (otherwise known as the State of Wisconsin) with current Governor (and "Tea Party" drookie) Scott Walker in the political fight for his life against his Indecision 2010 rival for the same office, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

In fact, such is only the third time ever in American history that a sitting governor of any state sovereign has faced the humiliation of a recall election ... and by all accounts, such could be the most expensive (and nastiest for the money) ever: US$63.5 million, by one estimate, much of it from Vested Interests based interstate. As the Chock Full O'Nuts Coffee jingle's last line went, "Better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy"; hence, on this basis, one should consider that the lion's share of campaign spending from the Scott Walker camp (much of it, contrary to repeated assertions from his lips, coming from interstate-based interests representing not so much Ons, Die Volk as "the Four Hundred" using Walker as a Hero and Role-Model for Study and Emulation Among Right-Thinking White, Bible-Believing Christian Youth).

But it turns out there may be a last-minoota wrench as may temper any Scott Walker victory rally should he actually manage to survive in the final ballot count (as may be very close, by all accounts and polling): Tim Russell, a dear and close drookie of Governor Walker's involved with the veterans' group "Operation Freedom" (and under trial for theft of money therefrom), testified under grant of immunity just yesterday that Governor Walker himself may have used stalling tactics galore to pervert the John Doe Investigation against him, notwithstanding past statements from Walker's lips implying full cooperation.

In any case, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate remarked thus (as quoted by
If Republicans are wondering who is leaking information about crimes that Scott Walker may have committed, they need only look into their own house. That Scott Walker’s longtime and closest political aide, who is charged with stealing from veterans, is the source of information undercutting Walker’s self-serving claims of cooperation shows with crystal clarity just why Wisconsin must remove Scott Walker from office [today].
In any event, readers, watch for the prospect of an indictment against Governor Walker being unsealed by the proper channels within measurable distance in consequence of these fresh revelations, charging him with the likes of Obstruction and Perversion of Justice, Perjury, False Light and Related Conspiracies ... as well as all manner of spontaneously insincere "emergency appeals" from "Tea Party" elements as a United Campaign for Governor Walker's Legal Defence Fund absent any clear measure of accountability (the official patsy being that "reasons you will understand" or some such preclude such details at this time).

Not to mention Governor Walker vehemently, and perhaps incorporating the Seven Dirty Words or their variants "for maximum shock value," questioning Mr. Russell's trust and credibility, replete with the inevitable claims that Russell may have been "emotionally unstable" when he made the claims, unwilling all the while to recognise that Russell, by these acts, deeds and exploits, has essentially become the Hagen to Walker's Siegfried (cf. Nazi Germany's "stab-in-the-back" mythos, which may have been inspired by that episode in the Nieblungenlied where Hagen stabs Siegfried in the back).


As if the preceding wasn't bad enough a blow for Governor Walker, it emerged at the weekend that while he was attending Marquette University, he had sired a bastard child with a female co-ed, thus putting paid to his patsy about being the Defender of Traditional Family Values--and calling to mind Edmund's lament from Shakespeare's King Lear (act I, scene II) about being born bastard, and the stigma thus carried:
Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law
My services are bound. Wherefore should I
Stand in the plague of custom, and permit
The curiosity of nations to deprive me,
For that I am some twelve or fourteen moon-shines
Lag of a brother? Why bastard? wherefore base?
When my dimensions are as well compact,
My mind as generous, and my shape as true,
As honest madam's issue? Why brand they us
With base? with baseness? bastardy? base, base?
Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take
More composition and fierce quality
Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed,
Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops,
Got 'tween asleep and wake? Well, then,
Legitimate Edgar, I must have your land:
Our father's love is to the bastard Edmund
As to the legitimate: fine word,--legitimate!
Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed,
And my invention thrive, Edmund the base
Shall top the legitimate. I grow; I prosper:
Now, gods, stand up for bastards!
(The which, in any event, should be enough to suggest that, to put the issue to rest, the good[?!] Governor himself may want to offer a DNA sample before he's asked to do so by the indignity of court order--especially if it turns out that he owes child support all this time beyond any and all form of patsy and excuse to evade his obligations. Which, it turns out, could eat substantially into his salary and emouluments.)

Too, there's also the likelihood for Governor Walker's associating with the Dregs of Society beyond the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, all best considered to be weird and/or unwholesome. Not exactly in the Cosa Nostra vein, mind you, but still questionable nonetheless--as in the ilk of racists, White Christian Nationalists, Ku Kluxers, apologists for apartheid South Africa (especially such claiming that the Afrikaner is or may soon be in Clear and Present Danger of Targeted Genocidal Action), Ponzi scheme operatives, "pure trust" promoters and the worst possible dealers in gold coin and buillon using fear and paranoia as selling points to the weak and the vulnerable.

All in all, it'd be best to not get too excited if Governor Walker manages to cling to victory when the votes are finally counted this evening: Such may only be the beginning of the end for a "Tea Party" darling falling into crash-and-burn mode beyond any chance of rehabilitation, even through "Tea Party" prolefeed at its most crudely hagiographic.

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