18h45 UTC; SUNDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2013: As if a certain Larry Klayman's Delusion of Grandeur seeking to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to His Name and Luscious Glory from Tuesday wasn't awful enow, consider that the John Birch Society played an unwitting role in President John F. Kennedy's martyrdom 50 years ago this Friday, insisting all the while that such acts, deeds and exploits were necessary to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, &c.

(That, and the fact of "Tea Party" types, with their known interconnexions weird and unwholesome to the Elmer Gantryite camp of Primitive Christianity, seeking among their Articles of Faith their calling out of abeyance the title apartheid South Africa proudly held of God's Own Country, but had to abandon by the wayside when it was itself forced to abandon apartheid and recognise it for the Sin that it was. All the while insisting that they are above error and weakness, and that God has endorsed their endeavours to Betray the National and Sovereign Identity of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, and invoke His Name and Glory all the more.

(As well as insist that those in the military are Esteemed and Venerated by God; ergo, such are above the error and weakness inherent in those suffering from PTSD by Divine Will and Endowment, and that anything less is their own fault alone.)

Meanwhile, for such who still insist on AmeriKKKa "need[ing] to be more like China" to hasten socioeconomic recovery and jobs creation, some worthwhile headlines from state media as were released at the onset of the weekend:
  1. China's long-standing "one-child" policy is to be henceforth relaxed in certain circumstances (e.g., if one parent was an only child, then they could have a second child).
  2. China's system of "reform through labour" prison camps, the inmates thereof more often than not sent there without the common courtesy of charges being filed against them, is to be closed from the end of 2014. (Those in Guandong province are now being wound up.)
  3. Fewer crimes will be subject to the death penalty, essentially a single pistol shot fired at the temple.
  4. More industrial and socioeconomic sectors will be opened to market-based competition, with state-run firms being compelled to pay larger dividends to the State and small farmers being given more leeway to sell their produce on the open market.
  5. Small businesses will be encouraged all the more.
  6. Smaller banks with private capital financing will be allowed to compete with state-run banks.
  7. Renminbi will be allowed to trade more freely on the FOREX markets.
  8. Interest rate policy of the Bank of China will be liberalised.
Such, for the record, having been decided at the just-concluded Third Plenum of the highest leadership in the Chinese Communist Party under President Xi Jinpeng, which is traditionally China's harbinger of policy reforms.

So much for God Bestowing Limitless Reserves of Coal Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land, cheap and cheerful, to be exploited By Any Means Necessary and to be excused as in His Name and Service: The quasi-governmental Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), as provides low-cost electric power that's mostly sold to municipally-owned and rural cooperative power systems in seven Appalachian states and engages in flood control and socioeconomic development in the Tennessee River basin, has announced that, in the interest of shifting its generation emphasis upon renewable sources (as in solar, wind and hydroelectricity) and promoting energy conservation, has announced that it will close down eight coal-fired generators at three plants in Alabama and Kentucky, with the Kentucky facility eventually segueing to natural gas as its fuel source and the two Alabama such essentially taken offline.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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