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20h02 UTC; MONDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2014: You may or may not have heard on the news where ham prices are a little more expensive heading into the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday; credit such to where hog farmers, facing losses of stock from a porcine disease as especially afflicts piglets, have decided to fatten up mature stock, hoping such will avoid any serious losses to the bottom line ... and in its turn, translating into fatter stock when it arrives at the abattoir.

Which reminded Mein Innkeeper Friend of a Kiwanis club meeting he attended some years previous which had a hog farmer in the area as the day's guest speaker, mentioning where he had designs on adding another hog farm just to expand his operations ... analogous, so Mein Innkeeper Friend thought, to adding another 200-room motel over and above an existing motel in a community of Winona's size (27,500 population or so) without due regard for whether such would actually attract the business just to remain viable.

Is it any wonder that paleoconservative prolefeeders must have this thang for using code and weasel words as a "winning of hearts and minds" tool, unware (at least openly) that the real intent therefor was to confuse and mislead the masses thereby targeted (hence, urging them to support articles of faith as are against their collective best interests)?

Case in point: Their belief in the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace, after the Adam Smith stylee in his Wealth of Nations, being the Best and Only Hope for Saving State Medicare and Social Security based on issuing vouchers for purchase of health cover in the marketplace ... unaware that the real intent, rather than encouraging innovation and competition as would mean lower prices, is one of condoning cartel behaviour and its devices of fraud, trick, collusion, deceptive/misleading marketing, price-fixing, controlling market share and territory, even use of the old "gentlemens' agreements" as a Holy of Holies in service to said articles of faith.

Calls by certain paleo-Christian types calling themselves "Bible-Believing" based on a highly-selective reading of the Sacred Scriptures--the same types which apartheid South Africa called on to excuse apartheid and its Luscious Glory of racism in the State's Name and Majesty--for Christians to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land By Any Means Necessary (preferably by its recasting in the model of apartheid South Africa, and through fanatically-driven mob rule and Extreem Ultraviolence in His Name all the more)--are, methinks, the very salt as could be the death of the toxic weeds of "Bible-Believing Christianity," whether they know it or not. Has anybody among the more mainstream brands of Christianity considered this prospect, this approach even?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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