20h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2013: First off, readers, Appy Polly Loggies are in order for the delay in posting, as Your Correspondent was rather busy crushing down aluminum cans for recycling at the motel I do for here in Winona, followed by taking over (with Mein Innkeeper Friend) some spent fluorescent lightbulbs to a recycling collection therefor around the noon hour. Followed, obviously, with a return home to shower, change clothes and have lunch.

With disgraced Congresslady (and Fox News prolefeeder-in-waiting) Michelle Bachmann going on record as calling for the RepubliKKKan Party (and their "REAL AmeriKKKan" support base of "poor whiteism" galore) to "cry out to God" to prevent the election of Hillary Clinton as President in Indecision 2016, doesn't this call to mind that Afrikaner Sanctii Sanctorum down South Africa way (especially during the Luscious Glory that was apartheid) known as Die Gelofte, the Vow of Sarel Cilliers for and on behalf of die Voortrekker Laager encamped along the Ncome River outside Pietermaritzburg seeking His Divine Protection ahead of battle with the grossly-outnumbered forces led by the Zulu warrior Dingane, vowing that they would honour the victory (if that) as an annual Day of Thanksgiving, giving Him the Fame and Honour for the victory all the more?

And staying with Indecision 2016 for the nonce (as well as the possibility of using Indecision 2014 as a trial-balloon therefor), how do we know the GOP won't be playing the same canard that Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa did about the "REAL AmeriKKKan" being some class of a (presumably) unified Volk as is otherwise under Clear and Present Threat and Danger of its Harm and Collapse Unless Drastic and Timely Action Seeking to Save and Unify the Volk in This Her Dearest Hour, in its Luscious Glory of tackiness as risks crossing into the hackneyed?

Meanwhile, the other day in Beautiful Downtown Gatlinburg, a black bear out of Great Smoky Mountains National Park (of which Gatlinburg is its main gateway) was seen strolling along The Parkway, her main drag, as if seeking to mingle among the shoobies for awhile ... until Bruin, out of ennui perhaps, decided to return to its wild surroundings. Which certainly rivals Yogi Bear's misadventures with "pic-a-nic baskets" any day. (And ought be a reminder to such living or otherwise operating businesses in close proximity to wildlife habitat reserves to take all due precautions to avoid attracting wildlife at the wrong times, especially so bears, skunks, raccoons, wolves, wildcats and vermin vis-a-vis food, recyclables and garbage. Which can get especially crazy during mating season.)

See if you can spot something wrong with this advertising slogan: "Having insurance isn't the same as having State Farm." To moi, this the new strapline of an ad campaign on behalf of the State Farm companies out of Bloomington, IL (as in State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Life Insurance Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, State Farm Florida Insurance Company, State Farm Lloyds and State Farm Bank, FSB, all of which are under mutual charter; i.e., owned by its policyholders or depositors, as approriate, with the former entitled to dividends on their policies under certain conditions) deserves Federal Trade Commission enquiry as it suggests a superiority claim implying that other insurers offer inferior-quality insurance products (cf. a Bayer Aspirin campaign back in 1971 as raised similar questions implying product superiority over other brands of what's essentially 325 grams [5 grains] synthesised acetasalicylic acid per tablet; what's more, in 1919, the United States Supreme Court stripped "aspirin" of trademark protection in the United States for want of adequate policing therefor, much of it wrought by Bayer's American assets being under control of the Alien Property Custodian's office during World War I. Later, Bayer Aspirin would be sold to Sterling Drug Company, which would be reacquired by Bayer AG in 1995.)

And staying on the medical front for a moment, enslaving addiction to opioid pain relief medications such as Oxycontin, Percodan and Vicodin, as well as a 300% increase in prescriptions being written therefor in the last few years without due safeguards to prevent patients from risk of addiction, has prompted the Food and Drug Administration to issue new guidance to the compounders and manufacturers of opioid medications to take more care with their marketing to physicians ... as well as urging doctors and pharmacists to first consider less-addicting medications for pain relief and management before considering stronger opioid-based meds (in particular where the pain fails to respond to low-strength medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen).


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