"If you're out of luck, or out of work,
We could send you to Johannesburg"

--from "Oliver's Army" by Adam and the Ants

17h47 UTC; THURSDAY, 8 AUGUST 2014:
Such must be the mindset and thinking of Pastor John Hagee in his Luscious Glory of "Christian" contempt for the poor and "habitually government-dependent" by insisting that such are to blame for Thy Dear and Lovely Land "unravelling," and suggesting that the poor find work or else starve. Which is basically on a par with Victorian/Edwardian British social mindsets towards the poor as held that such who were seen as "habitually dependent" upon relief were best off in Canada, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand in the interest of "social betterment", especially where passage over was provided free of charge,

Such, doubtless, going against what should be a more logically Christian approach to approaching poverty than through fearmongering "reeducation" emphasising prayer meetings reeking of brainwashing and mind control as could risk crossing into sexual perversion as an agent of mind control.

Still, how many "Christian" groups will start raising funds for the "resettlement" of "Bible-Believing Christian" poor whites into Die Volkstaat Orania down South Africa way out of their own warped and misguided desire to Reclaim Their Pious and Humble Christian Faith in the Face of Clear and Present Persecution Thereof (absent credible evidence to that end, let alone RepubliKKKan fear and loathing about the greater "poor white" problem which their agenda only made all the worse)?

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Watch this Interesting Story behind a Real American marketing legend that the Zealots
and True Believers in ons styl ekonomesie vryheid fail
to want you believing.

"Dial-in" Innerwebz access is still alive and well--howbeit in Podunk Center and other bastions where high-speed Innerwebz access (including DSL, FiOS and broadband) is seen as "unprofitable" by established telephonic companies and suchlike. And AOL, the original nationwide ISP (but now more of a portal in the vein of MSN, Yahoo or Google), is still profiting from "dial-in" with some 20 million subscribers therefor paying $20/month (and AOL's "dial-in" Innerwebz access service is still practically debt-free vis-a-vis its corporate bottom line).

If ever there was a reason why your vote in November matters ...

And with aty least one Elmer Gantryite type hoping for the spread of Ebola virus across Thy Dear and Lovely Land to "solve AmeriKKKa's problems of atheism and homosexuality," thereby paving the way for calling from abeyance the mantle apartheid South Africa formerly claimed as God's Own Country and claiming such for "REAL AmeriKKKa" in the Name and Behalf Therefor, how much longer before the medium-wave stateside successors to Mexican "border balster" radio in Christian Paranoia and Depravity Serving the Greater Glory of Poor Whiteism (KAAY Little Rock, e.g.) start pushing on their overnight airwaves the trope of Ebola being Divine Judgment Upon Africa for its Rejection of Euro-Christian Colonialism and its Rigidly-Structured Social Order Condoning the Luscious Glory of Racism in service to a larger ideal of "social betterment" for the ne'er-do-wells and other specimens of "social parasitism" among the colonial powers of Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and even Portugal (whose Estado Novo regime saw its colonial misadventures in Africa persisting well into the mid-1970's by contending such were necessary for the greater glory of Portugese National and Sovereign Identity and Integrity, with reinforcing paranoia about the loss of Portugese sovereignty being imminent should Portugal suddenly lose her colonial presence in especially Africa)?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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