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18h UTC; TUESDAY, 3 JANUARY 2012: To hear certain GOP Presidential wannabes (in particular Ron Paul and Rick Santorum) put it heading into tonight's Iowa Caucuses, recalling all outstanding AmeriKKKan troops as are stationed overseas (not just in combat in Afghanistan, but also in support of NATO in Great Britain, Germany, Italy and elsewhere) is in the Greater Sovereign Interest of Our Dear Beloved Nation, in its turn generating Significant and Measurable Taxpayer Value by reallocating defence resources to "more pressing needs" stateside such as border defence and "Homeland Security" according to police-state paradigms.

Or is it?

(Especially considering the subtly xenophobic undertones to such a call, as if insisting that the Rest of the World can take care of its own affairs and "defend its traditional sovereignty" "without needless American interference***undermining taxpayer value," or so the meme would have it. In short, isolationism in the name of Our Beloved National and Sovereign Identity, such as prevailed through the 1930's when Nazi Germany and the Japanese, with the then-Soviet Union playing a minor role, were seen as the greater threats to world stability and order.)


As for another pet GOP meme/article of faith in Indecision 2012 (viz., "fiscal restraint" in Washington), how do we know such isn't really code for "currency reform" based on "sound money" models requiring the "complete and final" abolition and liquidation of the Federal Reserve and turning over certain of its powers to unspecified bodies amounting to "currency boards" dominated by the weird and unwholesome?


So much for the conservative prolefeed meme of late about the Clear and Present Danger of Class Warfare which the Greater Occupy Movement and its identity with The 99% is blamed for having risked triggering over recent months, and which they see as only liable to become more dangerous, especially to the point of outright insurrection, disorder and ultraviolence: What exactly have they in mind as their ideal "preemptive," as it were, "Class Consciousness" essentially based on Know-Nothing mindsets and mentalities such as characterised dangerously bigoted and nativist movements in the late 19th century such as the Native American Party and the American Protective Association, fearing as they did "wholesale and unrestrained" dumping of Catholic immigrants onto the United States so as to "establish American Popery" under Papal Diktat?

(Especially a "Class Consciousness" calling for the careful, conscientious exercise of the Orwellian police-state mental disciplines of Crimestop, Blackwhite and Doublethink to the point of driving especially the poor, ignorant and easily-manipulate all the deeper into danger of insanity and mental derangement, never mind that the ilk of Fox News and conservative talkback radio expect such among their target audience, as aforementioned.)


Meanwhile, "Our Sarah" was overheard on Fox News advising Michelle Bachmann and Jon Huntsmann, "in the interest of Party Unity," to please discontinue their Presidential bids before the Iowa Caucuses, never mind the former insisting that G-d will ensure a shock victory when all is said and done (cf. that bit of Afrikaner Mythos about the Voortrekkers gathered in Die Laager at Bloeiriver vowing to G-d that they would honour Him if He ensured their victory against the Zulu forces under Dingane on that December day in 1838 by henceforth commemorating the victory "as a Day of Thanksgiving like a sabbath," the story of which would be expected to be told and retold to future generations as a show of Afrikaner Identity and Honour).


Something Your Correspondent would love to see among the "shoobie-trap" and business motels catering to a value-conscious crowd: Essentially scrapping the TV outright as their remaining cathode-ray-tube sets start to become superannuated, the better as a protest against high cable TV fees as much as the deteriorating quality of programming made worse by an increasing selection of channel options; ensuing savings to be passed on to guests as lower rates.

And replaced with Internet radio receiving-sets to provide a better and wider selection of listening options than such which passes for radio these days thanks, no doubt, to Government-Protected Monopolies ensuring further blandness and predictability in mainstream radio offerings.

Likewise, replacing the traditional telephonic structure with a VoIP model; again, to reduce costs and pass on the ensuing savings to intending guests.


In any event, if you have yet to see my newest online misadventure, Let's Wisconsin Dells! by name and stylee, you may want to do so when you have opportunity to. Especially so its Manifesto, as explains for you its raison d'etre therefor. In any event, I'm hoping to continue work on same as soon as the targeted class of innkeepers offers up some commitments for being thus listed at a decent charge (although I am intending to offer free basic listings as well).

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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