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18h UTC; FRIDAY, 18 OCTOBER 2013: Just as Our Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa seeks to recover from the GOP-led shutdown of the United States Government ... along comes thinly-veiled threats by the same misguided elements as threatened to Betray Our Sovereign Peculiar to attempt the same madness when the current spending limit lapses in mid-January.

And that they want to stop at nothing, using Any Means Necessary to have Thy Dear and Lovely Land "going Galt" at the expense of the "New World Order" trampling underfoot you-know-what and taking no prisoners in their Luscious Glory of seeking one-world governance. And hoping the Real American will forget what happened, hoping Neville Chamberlain-stylee "appeasement" of the British towards Nazi Germany through much of 1938 will be sufficient pacification of the masses.

Two possible areas of concern worth watching (and challenging, as long as the Constitution is still legal and valid):
  • A "real people's money" policy which unwittingly excuses Soviet-stylee "currency reforms" as are designed to "keep the workers in line" and "maintain social discipline"--especially if the latter was actually dogwhistle code for "maintaining socioeconomic inequality" as can be reinforced By Any Means Necessary, especially so the sadistically violent.
  • Calling for a "people-centred" (read: free-market-based) farm policy as replaces Federal price supports with the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace cherished deeply and dearly by the forces of conservative and "Tea Party" Zealotry and True Belief (which, unfortunately, could be a back-door to cartel behaviour and its use of trick and deception to mislead; e.g., packaging what's essentially the same basic product under a number of different "brand names", with supposedly distinctive and distinguishing characteristics--and with pricing structures to match, reinforced with Reseller Price Maintenance Agreements, manipulating supplies to create artificial shortages and maximise profit margins as required, collusion, &c., &c.).
So what otherwise stands in the way of exercising our right to speak out, fear of arbitrary psychiatric proceedings which can be rigged or manipulated as required, with Greyhound Therapy sure to follow within measurable distance (reinforced by manufactured canards to hide the real intent therefor)?

Meanwhile, how do we know that "Tea Party" types aren't secretly supporting causes pushing prolefeed tropes about a supposed "White Genocide" down South Africa way, or giving aid and comfort to same, all the while unaware that such is probably confusing murder in furtherance of theft, vandalism or robbery of white South African farmers' property (mostly by black or "coloured" farmhands due substantial amounts of back pay) with State-organised genocide (cf. the Ottoman Empire's Armenian Genocide of 1915 as ultimately inspired the Nazis' Holocaust against such groups deemed "undesirables" or "life unworthy of life," Jews in particular but also targeting Russo-Slavs, Roma, the physically- and mentally-disabled, homosexuals and Jehovah's Witnesses)? And besides, how exactly does murder in furtherance of theft become genocidal under the meaning captured standard?

And how do we know "Tea Party" and suchlike types aren't really behind a trending series of "spam" e-mails whose sender is identified as "Payment Notification" or suchlike, offering varying forms of "work online systems" in overzealously-glowing terms as may belie its potential for exploiting the vulnerable as cannot otherwise find employment by more orthodox channels because of circumstances beyond their control?

Especially considering that said e-mail offers:
  • make highly-incredible claims of earnings potential as are contradicted by a disclaimer at the end of said e-mails to the effect of "This is an advertisement; your results will vary";
  • are overzealously nuanced to create the impression that same were sent by some dear and trusted friend or relative concerned about the targeted's financial situation;
  • contain language implying that the offer is or may be time-limited, and could be revoked without prior warning, right down to the signature line reading "To your success";
  • play needlessly upon real or implied fears of socioeconomic distress and/or uncertainty being all the more likely within measurable distance; and
  • have links that may actually be a sick joke in and of themselves at the senders' expense (i.e., harbouring malware downloads as could cause harm and mischief to your computer).
In any event, the Better Business Bureau will tell you that such e-mails are best deleted--even if your e-mail server (especially the free web-based such like Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and Excite) automatically routes "spam" into its own specially-nominated folder as will be named "Junk" or "Spam," depending on the service.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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