16h45 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 5 NOVEMBER 2014: Exit poll after exit poll in yesterday's elections in our supposedly "morally superior" United States--elections that, in the minds of some, may be but The Final Countdown for Thy Dear and Lovely Nation Before Her Betrayal of Sovereignty Unto the New World Order--had it that voters, in explaining their choices for RepubliKKKan candidates running for office, thought AmeriKKKa was "heading in the wrong direction" under the continuing reign of President Obama.

Which is enough, then, to wonder if their ideal for the "right direction" for Thy Dear and Lovely Land, Rightful Heir to the Title in Abeyance of "God's Own Country" Formerly Held by Apartheid South Africa With Arrogant Pride of the Highest Order (or so the Christian Right's prolefeed is likely putting it--don't I just love doing things in the stylee of certain religious tract writers?), is one closer to a bad-seed hybrid of Fascism and Jucheism. One which shares common ideological beliefs and articles of faith such as:
  • racism of the "ORION" (Our Race Is Our Nation) model;
  • xenophobically delusional hypernationalism, especially socioeconomic;
  • fanatically sadisto militarism, especially when founded on a "self-defence" foundation;
  • crony ekonomesie vryheid while concurrently preaching the doctrine of 'n Volk red homself;
  • ideological policy based on the Orwellian disciplines of crimestop, blackwhite and doublethink;
  • inefficiency, waste, mismanagement and corruption of the highest order; and
  • hagiographically perverto religiopolitik.
That last one best known as the "Great Leader Doctrine" of Jucheism, itself a classic of doublethink as holds where, on the one hand, that "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything" ... yet, on the other, holds that Man, left to his own devices, cannot make wise judgments or decisions without risking error and weakness, hence requiring a superdivine "Great Leader," also expected to act as a superdivine Prophet, Seer and Revelator, incorruptable, of superior intellect and wisdom, possessed of superhuman powers and capabilities, to act for and in the name and behalf of Man, himself expected to blindly, wholeheartedly, without question or reservation even, rally round "Great Leader" and the acts, deeds and exploits thereof carried out in the name and behalf of Man, and for Man's Greater Benefit and Happiness.

An agenda which, come to think of it, takes orthodoxy to the point of aggravating mental derangement and, in its turn, insanity. An insanity perverted to the Name and Service of the State, which can be reinforced as required by $cientologist-stylee "Fair Game" tactics through ur-secret police tactics conducted by hyper-sadisto goon squad types.

Meanwhile, when Indecision 2016 rolls around, expect the "poor whites" of largely rural and small-town derivation as see themselves "REAL AmeriKKKans" in their arrogant Luscious Glory, to gravitate Presidentially to fringe third-party candidates sharing essentially the same agenda as summarised above, unaware of what the true articles of faith therefor entail (and all the while insisting on ignorance or even being "caught up in the heat of the moment").

Especially where postal balloting for elections comes into play, particularly in country areas where it's becoming too costly or impractical to maintain traditional polling stations at the township hall.

And see just how such skews the Presidential electoral tabulations, both in the popular vote as much as in the Electoral College, to the point of embarrassing especially RepubliKKKans.

Which brings up this Point Worth Pondering in the wake of last night's electoral results via Mein Innkeeper Friend (who asks that his name not be used): If zoologists call a group of baboons a "congress," than what best to call a group of RepubliKKKans of "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and John Bircher ideological models?

Three possibilities he has in mind are "sty," "reek" and "stench."

To which Your Correspondent can add "encampment."

Meanwhile, two Unlikely Possibilities for Mythbusters to study:
  1. Is it possible for a group of five modern RepubliKKKans to lift a hot-air balloon off the ground solely by their own vitriolic exhaust?
  2. Is it equally possible for a room full of RepubliKKKans speaking full-on blatherskite to raise the roof by their vitriol?
Any other possibilities you may have in respect of these two possibilities can be left in the comments following presently.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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