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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 7 AUGUST 2012: As if the fallout from Sunday's Unfortunate Events at a Sikh temple in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek in which seven were killed (including the gunman, now known to have been discharged from the Army and having past associations with "hate rock" bands) and scores injured weren't bad enough already, consider where science now proves what Jesus said in his Sermon on the Mount about "by their fruits ye shall know them;" i.e., those who listen to hate prolefeed are more likely to put such into action, and excuse it as Serving God and Country (not to mention Our Lady of Necedah).

As summarised it:
Conservatives listen to conservatives alone it seems, instead of thoroughly researching their opinions and knowing both sides of the argument. No wonder their talking points are so simple. Unfortunately, hate also breeds hate, and that is something that needs to be fixed.
Until some 40 years ago, London policemen never carried guns because it was felt that force begat force. Since then, however, circumstances have changed considerably. So what exactly would prevent the Real American (as opposed to the Fox News prolefeed simulation) from applying hate against hate, preferably in satiric form?


As for the Luscious Glory of the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement insisting on "people-first" policies and agendae generally, how do we know such isn't unwittingly borrowing from North Korean propaganda tropes about the "people-centred socialism," e.g., in line with John Bircher articles of faith calling for "fighting fire with fire," as it were, to fight Communism (as in embracing the same common tropes and memes common to Communist propaganda under the banner of Defending Our Dear Lovely Nation and its Doctrines of Liberty and Freedom)?

And come to think of it: About the closest there ever was to a "people-centred economic freedom" such as "Tea Party" types insist is all the more critical to "defending economic freedom all the more" was the concept Afrikaner nationalists down South Africa way were pushing in the decade-long runup to apartheid's onset known as Volkskapitalisme (Afrikaans; "people's capitalism"), whose core article of faith saw the socioeconomic empowerment of the Afrikaner through jobs creation and training taking precedence over traditional capitalism's emphasis on wealth creation, in line with the Greater Afrikaner Volkseenheid ("unity of the people", as it were) expected to be thereby served.


As for the finance of said Volkskapitalisme, such was handled through a "spontaneous and mighty appeal to the Afrikaner" expecting him to "do the Volk and Nation a favour" by contributing the proverbial widow's and orphan's mite, as it were, over to the Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Action Fund"), which was entrusted to make loans to "viable and worthwhile" Afrikaner business startups and encourage Afrikaners to patronise Afrikaner-owned businesses exclusively, and insist on their use of Afrikaans in advertising and general trading.

Not to mention calling upon the "right-thinking" Afrikaner to support "wholeheartedly" the "mission from God" in form of the Reddingsdaadbond ("Rescue Action League") in furthering the (supposded) natural Volkseenheid among the Afrikaner on a cultural and socioeconomic plane.

Unfortunately, the "Tea Party" crowd doesn't want to tacitly acknowledge such concepts being part of their Greater Socioeconomic Agenda for Indecision 2012, let alone their associations with their "spiritual brethren in danger of persecution", the Afrikaner. Why?, Your Correspondent asked in introspective contemplation....


Is it just me, or are the coal-mining interests behind the so-called "AmeriKKKan Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity" of the same psychological mentality as Ty-Ty Walden in Erskine Caldwell's God's Little Acre, constantly digging up the earth for that one hidden bonanza as would be consecrated ad altare Dei optimo maximo, unaware of the consequences such hath upon the afflicted communities and the "poor whites" expected to be viewed as "REAL AmeriKKKans" unfortunately displaced by such destructive practices (and reduced to having to move elsewhere to find a decent livelihood)?

(For which such mining interests, if and when confronted with facts, will likely resort to the DARVO--Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender--card.)

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