20h UTC; FRIDAY, 14 JUNE 2013: For some reason, Your Correspondent wasn't exactly thinking about posting a blog post today in line with what could be deemed a "summer schedule" as calls for less-frequent blog posts; however, things seem to have a way of changing course. Like this afterlunch, when a technician for the local CATV/broadband Innerwebz company I get services from paid a call to answer a service request as involved noticing transient outages of the Innerwebz interconnexion around midday over recent days (and note that I said "transient"--as in rather brief, usually less than a minoota).

And as it turned out, the issue turned out to be a worn, corroded even, grounding terminal (to prevent possible power surges or lightning strikes from afflicting said interconnexion) at the ground drop, complicated by a change in the broadband frequency the aforementioned cable system useth. In which case, the ground (and its terminal connexion) were replaced, and as I post this, things are going along somewhat swimmingly.

Meanwhile, Your Correspondent just has to wonder where exactly is the implied logic conservatives must seem to have in implying that the defence of as much Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe requires an almost fanatical, hard-wired even, devotion to the racist, the sexist, the nativist, the chauvinistic, the homophobic, the xenophobic even as articles of faith. (Come to think of it, certain Misguided Elements are starting to push the paranoia trope about the "clear and present danger" of the White European-AmeriKKKan (a/k/a "Aryan") Peoples as the New Vanishing AmeriKKKan should immigration reform pass Congress--not to mention the changing ethno-national demographic defining Real America (as opposed to the racially-colorblind conservative ideal modelled itself on apartheid South Africa).

Not that anyone would seriously consider the possibility, but Your Correspondent could just picture this as the ultimate "dream team" for oral hygiene:

iconicon iconicon

On your left, the Morihata Binchotan toothbrush--just your typical everyday toothbrush, but with a difference: None other than genuine Binchotan charcoal from Wakayama, Japan blended into the nylon bristles in the interest of improved oral hygiene (as in deodorising your mouth every time you brush.)

And on your right, Monkey Brand Ayurvedic Tooth Powder from India. Which is all the more different because of its containing activated charcoal, itself rather unusual for a tooth powder in the first place. Which makes it all the more different to begin with.

(And let's just hope that your date doesn't start getting really gross-out when she hears about your using a charcoal-based tooth powder. That, and using a toothbrush with activated charcoal blended right into the bristles--the "yuk factor," you know.)

(BTW: Your Correspondent did not receive any consideration, or offer thereof, from Smallflower.com, who offers these very products on their website--and with which Your Correspondent has an e-tailing affiliate relationship, know, whence he could receive commissions proportionate to your purchases off same as originate off this site. Nor did Smallflower.com offer any sort of guidance or inducements to influence the content of the preceding; you, dear consumer, are encouraged to make your own best judgments about these products, preferably by clicking on the links in form of the relevant product image[s] to be taken to the apropos page[s] on the Smallflower.com website. And if you like what you see--feel free to order. How you react to these products is up to you and you alone.)

Next weekend, if you're ever around Winona, MN, be sure to enjoy Winona Steamboat Days, the local summer festival that some feel is probably showing its age (this year's will be the 66th annual such, dating back to 1948) and could use some freshness. Not to mention fiscal support.



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