01h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 2 NOVEMBER 2013: With increasing concern in some circles about the welfare of animals used as circus acts or as part of shows in marine-life parks and dolphinariae, especially when the animals in question go berserk to the point of causing audience harm, injury, panic or mayhem, some are beginning to wonder if animals still deserve a place in circus acts.

Which, in the minds of the "culturally-aware" (especially such viewing their "cultural awareness" in the context of "national identity and integrity"), would be seen as "a slap in the face of cultural heritage and identity"--howbeit one condoning the politically-incorrect, the sexist, the racially-insensitive, even the xenophobic. Honestly now: Just how essential to "cultural heritage and identity" is it for circuses to have animal acts, especially the sort as risks causing serious injury or mayhem because of unnatural training thereof backfiring on their trainers (and yes, there are documented examples galore, in some cases requiring the animal[s] in question to be put down or otherwise tranquilised)?

Besides, I am aware of at least one long-established circus as has done away with animal acts outright without serious harm or detrius to its popularity--as in England's Blackpool Tower Circus, which stopped using animals in 1991--as well as the Quebec-based Cirque du Soleil, which has not used animals all along in favour of the acrobatic in both their travelling and permanent shows.

Since at least spring, the Great White North has been enthralled by reports of a supposed online video showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smorking on a crack-cocaine pipe in a car park ... and His Honour "himself" denying that the video existed, or that he touched crack.

Now, Toronto Police can reveal that the video does exist. And it took CSI-stylee forensic analysis of a computer hard drive which had supposedly been erased clean to reveal the presence of said video--which, it turns out, may not be enough to send the populist-leaning mayor out of office.

In much the same vein of Denying Objective Reality comes word that the head of the Oregon Tea Party has been delinquent on his mortgage payments for three months running. Which ought be enough to wonder how much longer it'll be before he goes the "sovereign citizen" path, with others in positions of supposed trust and confidence within the greater (pseudo)movement resorting to the tactic as an evasive such.

As if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's ongoing failure to meet his Luscious Glory of 250,000 private-sector jobs during his gubenetorial tenure wasn't awful enough (and which, for the most part, can be put down to obstructive roadblocks and distractives of the "pay-to-play" sort), he's now having to resort to using the disabled towards meeting that goal. But how do we know these efforts, while otherwise well-intentioned, aren't really Potemkin-village distractives for political prolefeed ends?

(Especially because mainstream employers are hesitant to employ disabled persons until and unless the laws are relaxed to allow employers to use the disabled as "independent contractors" on an as-needed basis--the old "don't-call-us-we'll-call-you" patsy--as would allow the disabled to be paid sub-mininum wages from petty cash or, in some extreme cases, "in kind." Or so sheltered workshops scare the disabled into accepting why they can't quite find work in the community--which, again, could be cover for same needing to depend on public subsidy when contract or subcontract work isn't quite available.)

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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